Deadspin Editor Not Only Seems Like A Sexist Fat Shamer But Also Huge Hypocrite

Yikes is right. Fat girls give the best head because they have to or they’re worthless besides that? That’s a tough take no matter what year it is. Barry has to be fired right? Deadspin has paid all their bills for the past 10 years attacking Barstool for jokes, this has to be the end of Barry.

I mean come on Barry remember this

Or Barry what about this?

Think of all the women, children and weird dudes at the bar that say things like “That girl isn’t my type, I like the more down to earth look, she tries too hard” that you are letting down with this type of talk. It’s so sad to see a thriving broke website try and park bench Barstool consistently and then get caught up being big piles of hypocritical doo doo.

UPDATE: It gets worse

UPDATE: Its gets even worse

Hope you got mud gills Barry because we’re about to go swimming

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