I’m not crying… You’re crying! (Ok, we’re all crying!)

Yesterday we all got to experience something that we have been waiting for, for what seems like 100 years. Something that used to be the norm, but never lost it’s magic.

Tiger domination.

Image – Bleacher Report

Tiger expecting to win, and executing on that expectation. Tiger in Sunday Red raising both arms on the 18th green signifying victory.

Yesterday… Tiger owned Sunday again.

We knew it was over before he even teed off Sunday because..

Image – Twitter TigerTracker

Yes, the NFL is King. The NFL literally owns a day of the week. Nothing can dethrone the NFL… Except, “The Tiger Effect.”

My beloved (but awful) Dallas Cowboys were on, something I never miss… But I switched over to watch Tiger. Along with almost the rest of the country. 2-5 trending on Twitter was all NFL, but that top spot on Sunday, that was stolen by Tiger.

This journey was a long one. For Tiger, for his family and for us. We, the Tiger fan base have been along this bumpy ride with him the whole way. We felt like we had multiple back surgeries with him. We felt like every time he missed the cut, we missed the cut. Every swing… We have been there…

Cheering, loving, hoping… Praying, we would get our Tiger back.

There have been multiple times we all thought or said “He’s BACK” just to have him not finish it in the end. There have been other times we thought “he may never be back again.”

But, now I can officially say… HE. IS. BACK. What a performance. What drama, what excitement. Watching him walk up the 18th fairway with a BILLION people surrounding him was a scene out of a movie.

Watching him tap in for the win, raise his arms and give us that Tiger smile…

Was breathtaking. You could literally see the weight of the world fall off his shoulders, and feel it fall off of our’s at the same time.


Then when he started his victory speech, well…

In the 90’s we thought Tiger would blow by 80 PGA tour wins with ease. But, it turned out number 80 felt as sweet as his first major. Everyone was a Tiger fan yesterday, except… Justin Rose.

Do I wish he was playing like this in April with four majors ahead of him? Of course! But, with the most fun event in golf coming up, The Ryder Cup… USA USA USA!!! I am so stoked to see Tiger beat down the Europeans in Paris!

Image – cnn

Enjoy the hell out of this Tiger, you deserve it. You have completed the greatest comeback in sports history. We are enjoying it right along with you, just as we have suffered right along with you all these years.

However, now it’s the norm again. You officially “Made Sunday Great Again.” So we are expecting more. 80 isn’t enough now, we want majors! We want another TIGER SLAM!

Get it..

Image – Fox News

We love you Tiger.

-Kevin “That Guy… Dressed in Sunday Red”

Feature Image – Belefast Telegram

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