Gronk Spits at the Idea of Playing Without Brady

Sunday night was not a fun one for everyone in New England, but that doesn’t mean no good came from it. Ahead of Sunday there were plenty of rumors spiraling that Gronk was almost traded to the Lions in the offseason.

Before Sunday most Pats fans chalked it up to more slander from the national media. It turns out it was not fake news. What I really didn’t expect was for such a perfect response to Gronk confirming the rumors after Sunday’s loss to Patricia and the Lions.

Hell yeah Gronk! That’s OUR fucking quarterback! And nobody better forget that. Edelman would say the same as well as many of the guys in the locker room who were there to witness the GOAT cement a legacy against the Falcons less than two years ago.

It’s comments like this that invigorate the passion within every Pats fan to ride with Brady until the so called cliff eventually falls out from underneath us. A true Pats fan does not waver his trust in Brady and Bill. On the contrary, it only get’s stronger in tough times. You see his will to win, even if we all know that these early season losses don’t matter in the scheme of things. Every game is important to Brady and that’s why we love him.

Brady was happy to talk about anything, but Sunday’s loss this morning on the radio and luckily Gronk supplied him the material.

Together we stand to defend the wall against the Goodells and Patriot haters of the world. Leading the brigade will be Brady, Gronk, Edelman and of course the hoodie. I couldn’t pick four better people to ride into the flames of hatred and jealousy around the league with.

We’re on to Miami.

Feature Image via NFL on ESPN Twitter

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