Eagles Colts, Best Of The Best

2-1 after the Birds beat the Colts on Sunday 20-16. Another week of not so pretty football but they did what they had to do to survive. Let’s get into the Eagles recap.

– The Return Of Wentz

Listen, let’s cut the shit, the main attraction on Sunday was the return of the Eagles franchise quarterback and future MVP winner Carson Wentz. Was the game ideal? No, but he looked to have his bounce we have grown accustomed to seeing. And the knee, looked brand new.


Wentz did on Sunday what MVP quarterbacks do, he have his team an early lead and chartered them down the field late to win it.

– The Pass Rush

Just like Carson, the pass rush on defense didn’t have their best stud today but came through when it mattered the most.

Colts have the type of offensive line you want to see them abuse but coming through in crunch time is what matters the most.

– Rush Defense

The Colts don’t feature a top of the league run game but what the Eagles defense did handling them still can’t be over looked. Look at these rushing yard totals allowed this game and season so far

– Nelson made this play which was huge for the drive. I’m starting to really like Nelson.

– Jalen Mills, totally done with the guy. He had a better game this week than the two prior as far as tackling but over he’s bad. His coverage is horrendous and he commits bone head penalty after bone head penalty. Yesterday he had another late game pass interference that could have been costly.

The kid needs to be moved to safety. Let his tackling ability show and it removes him from easily getting beat all game 1 on 1.

Seth Joyner and Clyde Simmons went into the Eagles hall of fame, that’s cool I guess.

That’s it for this week. Focus now shifts to those Titans

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