Clay Matthews Called For The Worst Roughing The Passer, NFL Decides To Double Down

By now everyone has seen this murder. crushing blow. decapitation. regular quarterback sack on Alex Smith by Clay Matthews yesterday.

His third roughing the passer call this year. Matching his career total prior to the start of this season.

The new rules blow, there is no arguing that. The NFL knows by now that we, the fan base hate it. CTE is real and it’s a serious matter that people need take the proper precautions to avoid it but this is insane. Make football violent again. Or at least make football a contact sport again.

But with all this bad publicity and social media a buzz about this ridiculous call what does the NFL decide to do? They double down and tweet out this bullshit.

How is he supposed to not fall on the guy? It’s gravity for gods sake. Never seen such a successful organization so out of touch with their customers. “Hey you guys hate the new rules and disagree with our egregious calls? Well Fuck you here’s why you’re wrong.”

Keep doing you Rodger, keep doing you.

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