Barstool Sport’s Blogger “Clickbait Smits” Has Been Dominating The Internet For One Straight Week, Will He Ever Stop? BREAKING NEWS: He Wont

Sidenote: It’s ironic that I am writing a blog about Barstool and “Clickbait Smits” Doing clickbait articles because Barstool in the headline is clickbait for us, always has been always will be.  As the person on the Barstool beat at Branded Sports I am well aware of this.  Barstool drives views never forget that.  You see Barstool and love them or hate them you click, and I know that.

There is a man out there right now who is killing the page views game.  He works for Barstool Sports and his name is Clickbait Smits.  He is apparently closely related to Smitty but I don’t have proof on if this is real or not. His tagline reads “Very great blogger . Content, pageviews, and jokes only! Derp. Email:”  Apparently he was going to retire as the number one blogger of the week for Barstool but his boss asked him to continue.  He states in his later clickbait article

This all developed form this video..

Hopefully we will have more on the clickbait and the jokes later on

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