Audible… Cowboys may never win again!

Remember… I am never wrong. But, forget what I said last week about the Cowboys winning the next billion games…

They might never win a professional football game again.

Why? You ask…

Because, the offense. That is why. Well actually, the lack of offense. Wait.. Do they even have an offense?

This team just has no juice on offense. They again… Have no creativity. And, Dak well he just looks like he is, not a very good NFL Quarterback.

Yes, they played on the road. Yes, it was in Seattle. Yes, it was their home opener and extremely loud. And, yes Seattle was very desperate sitting at 0-2.

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However, heading into the 4th QTR, Dak and the offense had not even attempted a throw over 20 yards. Dak was being sacked left and right, and the one explosive play they had for a TD… Was called back because Zeke stepped out before the catch.

This isn’t an NFL offense… it’s a worse version of the Army Offense.

But… With 11 minutes left down 24-6 the Cowboys were mounting a “promising” drive, aaaaaaaaaaaand Zeke fumbles. Their second turnover of the game.


Then on another “promising” drive to maybe make it a game… Dak tries to force one and is picked off for the second time.

Even though the defense gave up points, I will not blame them, they were on the field all day. The offense gave them zero room for error and no help. (Either did the refs) with another BULLSHIT roughing the passer call on the Cowboys first defensive stand of the game.

To add salt in the wound, Earl Thomas was all over the field and had two picks. He even sealed the game with a bow to the Cowboys sideline.

That man should be a Dallas Cowboy. They may have won the game if he was, not because of his play for them but simply because he wouldn’t have been playing for Seattle.

Besides the turnover and the stepping out of bounds to call off the touchdown, Zeke had a solid day. 16 carries for 127 yards.

Dak… Oh Dak. He was 19 of 34 for 168 yards, good for a whopping 4.8 yard average. He had 90 yards heading into the 4th QTR. One “TD Pass” which was a two inch shovel pass to Tavon Austin. Two interceptions, 5 sacks, a QBR of 54.5 and partridge in a freakin pear tree!

Add in bad offensive line play and you have the ingredients for…

Awful, horrendous, outrageously bad offensive football.

Want me to keep going? Don’t worry I won’t because you don’t need that, and I don’t need that.

Something needs to be done. Jerry… Do something… Help Dak remember how to throw a football. Get Zeke to cut his hair. Remind the line how to not hold. Get Jason Garrett to STOP CLAPPING AND START COACHING. (Which he can’t do so move on and promote Kris Richard.)

This team is now sitting at 1-2. Tied with the awful 1-2 Giants and behind the 2-1 Eagles and very surprisingly good looking 2-1 Redskins.

This team may never win again because of this High School Offense. This team may only score 7 touchdowns all season…

I will not get excited no matter what happens…

…Until next week.

-Kevin “That Angry Guy”

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