The Branded Fantasy League Standings – Week 2 Edition

Two weeks in to the season, here’s where we stand in the prestigious Branded Fantasy League. A mere 4.02 points separates me and Jay Roget for the top spot, with Murt not far behind also at 2-0. Holland is killing it in total points which makes sense because his team looked like the most solid coming out of the draft. In case you missed it, check out the Draft Recap here.

Here are the matchups for week 3. The Elder’s Matchup of the Week goes to KMess vs. Nick Ru in the Basement Bowl to see who can start the season 0-3. Kev got off to a strong start getting over 20 points from Jarvis ‘Juice’ Landry on Thursday night, so Nick has some work to do in between blogs.

I also want to take a moment to give a quick shout out to myself because I’ll be taking over the Branded Twitter page this Sunday and live tweeting during RedZone. Make sure you’re following @branded_sports to follow along. I’ll make sure to have too many beers and get overly emotional one way or another depending on how my fantasy teams are doing, it’ll be a good time. See ya then.

– The Elder

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