Football Friday: Bud Light!

For the past year it has been impossible to think about football and not think about Bud Light! The beer is walking step for step with the biggest sport in America.

You can’t spell BUD LIGHT without NFL?

Gif – Twitter BudLight

First it was Dilly Dilly! Every. Single. Guy. Was (and still is) saying Dilly Dilly!

It became the response for everything…

“What’s the score?”


“I’d like to make a toast..”


To the Pit of Misery!”


Unbelievable marketing Bud Light. Then they adopted Philadelphia.. Because, of course. Of course a company as powerful as Bud Light start.. DILLY DILLY and the Eagles have the best year in franchise history…


As a Cowboys fan I hated it. But in no way shape or form did it stop me from saying Dilly Dilly!

Then, Lane Johnson and Bud Light gave free Beer to Philly. I mean, win a Super Bowl and get free beer? Could Philly want anything more? (Besides the Cowboys to lose every game.)

The most iconic play in Eagles History (This Philly Special’s) nickname is.. PHILLY PHILLY, again… Because of course it is.

Bud Light even erected a statue in it’s honor. Once again, fantastic move by Bud Light.

The Bud Light King is better than “The Most Interesting Man in the World!” He’s relatable, hilarious and who wouldn’t want to be the KING OF BUD LIGHT??

Gif – Twitter BudLight

“What… Is.. That?” Their commercials almost make you not mad during breaks in football action. Every dude looks forward to seeing them and yelling “PIT OF MISERY DILLY DILLY!”

Its all just perfect… Because it’s simple… And, us guys are simple on Sunday. Football, Food and Beer (Bud Light) add some laughs and we are SET.

Then the Bud Light Knight… I mean, that’s my dude.

Image -makaiocreative

Now… Bud Light adopted another starved for winning Football Town. Cleveland. The Browns haven’t won a game in like 20 years. They have some of the most passionate fans in the world.

What does Bud Light do? They put “Victory Fridges” around the city. If and when the Browns won a game they would open and… Free Bud Light for Cleveland!

Image – Twitter BudLight


And, that night was last night. When #1 overall pick Baker Mayfield came in to lead a dramatic comeback to beat the Jets, give the Browns their first win and…


Not to say I told you so but…

Drink those beautiful cold Bud Lights Cleveland… You deserve it. You were America’s Team and America’s city last night.

Bud Light… You are the Beer of choice here at Branded Sports. Keep doing what your doing. Keep doing the impossible… Making us love football, even more!

Bud Light = Football

Football = Bud Light

Remember to Drink Responsibly #ForTheBrand


-Kevin “That Guy”

Feature Image – Twitter Bud Light

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