Branded Hour: MaGerk’s, Horsham

Welcome to another Friday edition of… The Branded Hour. Where we are in search of “The Perfect 30” We are doing some very hard research to give you the top notch grades of the best Happy Hour’s around. (Remember if there’s one thing here at Branded Sports that we know besides sports, it’s Bars.)

Last week Shorty’s Bar came in #1 in our first ever Branded Hour Power Rankings.

This week’s spotlight review is:

Name: MaGerk’s Horsham

Location: Horsham, PA


Phone: 267-282-5508

Twitter: @magerkshorsham

Facebook: MaGerk’s Horsham

There are four MaGerk’s locations, this Branded Hour Review is on the Horsham location. I will tell you what… This place is awesome. It absolutely has whatever you want for a Happy Hour, Sunday Football Funday, or just going out to the bar.

HUGE wrap around bar… Check.

TV’s every single place you look… Check.

High Top tables in the bar… Check.

Booth seating in the bar… Check.

I’m telling you, they have everything.

Image – Zamato

I have been to this location a bunch of times. For football, out with the guys during March Madness and even after a birthday party with family and friends. Every time has been killer.

Their beers are always ice cold.

As much as I hate all of this.. $2.75 Miller Lites during Eagles games and they have the “Dallas Sucks” Beer ready for you Birds fans!

The drinks are on point. There are a ton of bartenders and staff (who are all awesome.) And, even if you can’t get a seat at the bar (doubtful its huge) there is plenty of area to stand, drink and watch the games.

Don’t get me started on the food either… Away from the bar there is also a large dinning room and an upstairs area for private party events. (Yup, they’ve got it all.)

(Back to the food) it’s bangin. Whether you want a sit down meal, are going for Happy Hour or Sunday Football Funday apps, MaGerk’s has you covered!

For apps… The Cheesesteak Egg Rolls, Southwest Quesadilla, sliders, wings and of course… Their Famous Nachos are a must! Still hungry… The burgers are great, but you really can’t go wrong with anything!

Oh yeah… You want to know about the drinks right?

Check that out. Everyone is covered. And… Happy Hour 4-6 with draft specials and… $6 homemade Crushes, yes please!!

Image – Magerkspub

GRADES (All out of 30)

Alcohol: I mean you see the list above. You see the awesome prices and the wide selection. You can’t go wrong. Score: 9.3

Food: It really is all awesome! You can’t go wrong with any of it, for any occasion you are there for. Score: 9.3

Atmosphere: Here is where MaGerk’s really wins. The place is huge, it’s fun, it’s got everything you need for anytime you want to go to the bar! Score: 9.9

Bonus: Don’t want to be in the huge bar area? There is a second smaller but just as awesome bar right when you walk in…

Image – restaurants-cafes

Overall Score: 28.5 out of 30. Awesome score!!

Make sure if you are in the area any day of the week hit them up for Happy Hour and especially for Sunday Football Funday!

Drink responsibly #ForTheBrand

Let us know when you try one of our featured Happy Hours, give us your own score!

Have a bar you want us to review? Message me on Twitter kmess22

-Kevin “That Guy”

Feature Image – Magerkspub

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