Kanye Has Had Enough of Everyone Talking About Banging His Wife

Kanye has, is and forever will be one of the most eccentric and confusing superstars the world has ever seen. His uniqueness causes nothing short of a Twitter purge whenever he takes his shroomed out thoughts to his timeline. Luckily for us, social media is where ‘Ye spent his Thursday.

But it wasn’t his usual tweet storm antics. This time he tuned up the old iPhone camera and gave us a monologue about rappers that have fucked, talked about fucking or insinuated some fucking went down with his wife Kim Kardashian.

Here’s the deal Kanye. I know you aren’t the most self-aware guy out there. It’s hard to be when you live an alien life to 100% of people that have ever existed. But at some point you have to come to terms with a few things about his wife’s past.

Kim Kardashian is famous for dead fishing Ray J in bed. Every successful brand has a solid foundation and Kim’s happens to be a video of Ray J fucking her. It’s pretty blunt, but that’s what this whole empire is truly built on. If that is you’re wife, and you’ve decided that doesn’t matter to you, then you’ll have to be ok with someone saying they want to or have banged your wife every now and then. I’m not saying it’s the happiest existence, but Kim’s sex tape wasn’t some hidden gem that came to Kanye’s attention last Tuesday. ‘Ye knows. This is the life he’s chosen and he get’s no sympathy when it happens to him.

The one thing that may be worth watching down the road is him and Drake. Drizzy has been no stranger to controversy over the past year and has gotten past every road block thus far. But he’s never faced an enemy with the force of a brick wall.

Watch out Drake, he may be crazy and people may not always take him seriously, but it’s these quiet types you have to watch out for. Plus billions of dollars and the Kardashian clan sending fire your way, this an opponent you don’t want to mess with.

Even if Drake did fuck Kim (which he definitely did).

P.S. I don’t appreciate Kanye bringing Rhianna into this. Leave that gift from God alone.

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