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Coach Orgeron is the Best Coach in College Football

Coach Orgeron is officially off the hot seat and back in the good graces of LSU fans.

How can you not love Coach Orgeron? Easily my favorite coach in College Football and in the Waterboy.


I’d love to play for him. He’s a true Football Guy through and through. Sure I wouldn’t be able to understand half the words he says, but his intensity would make me run through a brick wall.

Never change Coach O


Sports Daily

After beating two top-10 ranked opponents, the only team in CFB to do so, Coach O has brought back LSU to the national spotlight. The Tigers are entering week 4 ranked #6, and will play a cupcake game against LA Tech before facing Ole Miss in week 5.

Looking ahead in the schedule, LSU has a hard three game stretch starting on October 13th against Georgia (home). The following week they will face #14 Mississippi State at home. Can’t sleep on Miss State with their new high power offense under Joe Moorhead.  The Tigers will enjoy a much needed bye week, on week 9, before facing Alabama in Death Valley. If all goes to plan for the Tigers, it could setup a classic SEC 1 vs 2 match-up. Death Valley under the lights? Yes Please!





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