Dear Philadelphia Eagles Fans

Dear Philadelphia Eagles fans,

Things sure have been crazy since we won the Superbowl.  We all thought Carson would be ready for week one.  He wasn’t.  We didn’t think Alshon would be an issue, he was.  We went from confident cocky suckers right back to where we were a year ago.  The Super Bowl feels a distant memory as we go searching for our second.  I know everyone is worried for some reason.

“We don’t have a receiver!”  …Relax

“Everyone is hurt!” …. Relax

“Carson is coming back to soon!!!!!!!!!” … No he is not and REEELLLAAAAXXX

Everything is going to be ok.  The sky is not falling our people know what they are doing. Alshon is going to come back, we don’t need Josh Gordon, we don’t need to worry.  Forget everything you are worried about with the team.  The weapons the injuries the coaches, just relax.  Guys, the sheriff is back.. Allow me to reintroduce myself

Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 8.53.52 PM

I found this picture from a walk through full padded practice last year, kind a crazy.  SO nobody worry, nobody panic.  I don’t care who is out there as long as 11 is out there making plays and being the best he can be.  We will be fine.  Trust in your team, trust in your coaches and trust in your QB.

God Bless

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