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I don’t even know where to begin on this blog.  Barstool is something we here at Branded are big fans of.  We enjoy the content, we don’t love everything, not everything is great but it’s great entertainment for the most part.  Yesterday however was something special.  People often talk about the 90’s era in wrestling with Stone Cold and The Rock, people bleeding and chair shots to the head. That was Barstool for the entire day yesterday.  I will try to write what happened with no bias.  We are Philly based, I love Smitty, hell I made a parody twitter called @HasRapaportPaid once because I support Smitty.  Smitty has always been great any time I’ve interacted with him and I don’t personally know Nate so I will just report on the facts.

Everything started on Barstool Radio Monday evening.  Nate wanted to see pup punk play in Boston after Dave sent out a company email that everyone had to work in the office and could not go see Pup Punk play.  Nate responded with “Everyone who works hard gets to go not people who play video games.”  Taking a very clear shot at Smitty.  Smitty was not in the office but got upset about this and went back to the office after his doctor’s appointment to defend himself.  Now I love Smitty, but when it comes to speaking it’s not his strongest attribute.  Well this time around Smitty was on fire.  He ripped into Nate like a Thanksgiving ham.  It was not pretty for Nate.  The video and Smitty’s blog about that is here.  Smitty said things like “I am a bigger man than him, physically, mentally, spiritually, stronger”  Nate did not have much of a retort they went back and forth a few times and it seemed to be over.  Then yesterday morning, things continued as Nate sent out this tweet…

Nate would not let it go and wrote a blog about Smitty.. The summary of the blog basically stated that Smitty is a liar, not telling the truth to people and he is a garbage person.  On twitter Nate would call Smitty out for things he considered to be lies and those interactions went like this…

Nate did not appear to answer anything Smitty responded with.  To be fair to both men their blogs were a lot of what we heard before.  Some new information but nothing crazy.  Nate has claimed that he quit the rivalry with Smitty two years ago, even though he brings up Smitty on radio, writes blogs about him and posted another tweet like he was going to blog about the Eagles.

Again I want the record to show that is not my opinion, that is just a fact and I have nothing against Nate.  Smitty claims he is done with the rivalry but I can almost promise he isn’t.  That is my opinion.  Twitter was pretty wild as you can look through the replies it was about 90-10 in favor of Smitty.  Thing’s did not die down as a preview for the rundown was put out on twitter with another fight.  KFC Barstool vs Eric Nathan.

I’ll post a full link to the rundown in a bit but what sparked this was KFC was telling Nate that a lot of what he hates about Smitty, Nate is also just as guilty of.  From an outside prospective who does not work in the office, that seem’s to be true.  Nate get’s angry at anything that makes him look bad.  He gets personal and you can tell he personally want’s to bring Smitty down.  KFC sort of cut Nate off and Nate responded by yelling “KEVIN SHUT THE FUCK UP FOR 2 SECONDS YOU TALK OVER PEOPLE NON STOP!”  Kevin responded with “Interesting Eric, we can go down this road too.  You can catch it to bud.”

Saying the very least things got heated from this point.  A little back and forth began, Nate said Smitty lies, Smitty refuted those claims and then…. All hell broke loose.  Thing’s got personal real quick.  KFC brought up how Nate was texting him all last night saying “Everyone hates me on the internet” and crying to KFC all because Nate was saying how he is sky-rocketing at Barstool and sort of saying how he is a superstar.  Smitty walked off and said that Nate looks bad and after a few seconds Big Cat said Nate took a shot at Kevin that KFC did not deserve and KFC said “You’re getting bodied now Nate.”  Nate looked.. well this is what he looked like..

Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 7.48.19 PM.png

Nate had to come over the top and responded in only the way Nate can.  He said “You are the moral high ground of this office Kevin” (Referring to KFC’s issue with his wife.  For some reason he did a Nazi salute at the same time..

Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 7.50.34 PM.png

Big Cat and Prez reacted how I think most people did..

Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 7.49.58 PM.png

Kevin came running back onto the rundown set to throw some more verbal jabs at Nate and they were not pretty one bit.  “Moral high ground for sure not.  Professionally speaking,  you are absolutely nobody.  Your whole schtick of where you white knight for us and defend us… Nobody wants you to do it.  You are insufferable nobody personally likes you.  You’re a spider monkey that’s what we call you because all you do is spider monkey around.  All you have are your page views which aren’t even that good to begin with.”  At this point Big Cat hid into his hoodie.

Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 7.56.11 PM.png

Kevin continued.. “Keep making enemies, you’ve made one of me now, it’s fine see if the sky-rocketing continues.”  Watch the rundown here.

It had seemed like Nate was really fully dead.  KFC went venomous on him and it was tough to watch for Nate.  It did not end there.  Kevin went on radio and said that he would never be there for Nate again, he is done with him, he is like Rapaport now.  Then I went on twitter a little bit ago and KFC had a kill shot.

The tweet is referring to when Nate was pied in the face and Barstool stood up for him.  Kevin went full on hate mode.  I’m not sure I can blame him on how he feels.  The Barstool site actually was so amped today that the website temporally broke because so many people went to watch the rundown.  Also it is Barstool so it’s possible the site just broke anyway for no good reason.

Personally I have always liked Nate, I have interacted with him on twitter I have sent him a few DM’s I’ve been a Nate fan.  I think Nate may have 1000% gone too far this time, everybody can think of the weasel friend they have that get’s under your skin and you want to gut like a fish but can’t.  That’s what it seems like it was here but for KFC it went over the line.  Smitty clearly feels that way and who could blame him.  It’s an odd move for Nate to claim he doesn’t think about Smitty he doesn’t care about Smitty and Smitty is nobody but he blogs about him and goes on radio to bash him for no reason unprovoked.  Hopefully Nate doesn’t have long-term mental effects from this because he has claimed that to be an issue in his life and I hope he stays healthy.  I also love the drama and need more of it so I kind of hope he comes at Dave or Big Cat next.  I just can’t get enough of it.  Nate has been pretty quiet on twitter just saying a few things.

Well I guess we wait and see what happens tomorrow, it’s only Tuesday after all.

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