All Rise here comes… Neil Walker!

Last night the Yankees opened their last home regular season series with the Red Sox. With a win the Sox would clinch the AL East in the Bronx. The thought of that makes my skin crawl.

The 1:05 game was moved to a 7:05 start due to the remanence of Hurricane Florence. That really messed with the crowed since many Jewish fans could not go due to Yom Kippur starting at sundown.

However, I was there… I was in the building. And, if I had anything to do with it… I was not letting the Sox clinch while I was in attendance. Not. Happening.

Oh, and that guy (besides me) Aaron Judge was back in the lineup for the first time in what feels like six years.

Yankees new ace J.A. Happ took the bump against former Yank Nathan Eovaldi, who dominated the Yankees at Fenway earlier in the year.

I’m going to fast forward through the game because, well… It was a snooze fest. Sanchez dropped his average to .187 during the game. Stanton did nothing except strikeout to end innings. Our young rookies (besides a double by Torres) did nothing. And, it seemed like the Yankees fouled out about nine times.

The soon to be AL MVP JD Martinez hit a sac fly to score the first run of the game in the 3rd. The only run to be scored for either team until the 7th.

I felt like every time I blinked the Yankees left a runner in scoring position… As always. I was convinced they would tie the game in the 8th and lose it in the 9th, just seemed like one of those rivalry games I’ve seen so many times before. (And live earlier in the year.)

However… With two men on in the 7th, ALL RISE… It’s NEIL WALKER!! With his best Aaron Judge impression as he hit a second deck 3 run BLAST to give the Yankees the 3-1 lead. Exactly what the team and the stadium needed… Some juice.

It was the most energy I’ve seen out of this Yankees team in a month!

Britton came on for the save and well of course it wasn’t easy. After a quick strike out to start the inning, Britton walked Holt, never good.

Then.. Routine double play ball, throw to 2nd, DROPPED! Error by Torres, because of course. Everybody is safe. Then dribbler to Britton, throw to 2nd INTO THE OUTFIELD, Holt scores, again because.. Of course and it’s 3-2.

Here we go. Twice the game should have been won. Now only up one with two men on and Clutch Ian Kinsler up. FINALLY the double play ball they needed and..

The Yankees Win… THEEE YANKEES WIN!!

Yes, the Sox are up about 24 games. Yes, the Sox will probably still clinch in the Bronx. However, not last night. NOT when Kmess is in the house.

The win was even bigger because Oakland went on to lose and the Yanks extend their Wild Card lead to 2.5, that game must be in the Bronx.

Judge went 0-4 but had some good swings. He will help lead this ball club into October. Don’t let this Yankee team get hot like they did last year.

It should would be a shame to see the Sox historic season… Cut short by the Bombers in October…

-Kmess “That Guy”

Feature Image – Twitter Yankees

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