Yankees Tears Flood the Streets of New York and Push Back Sox Series Opener

Tuesday’s series opener has been pushed to 7pm due to some alleged rainfall in New York. But New Yorkers can’t get anything past me. I know what’s going on here.

I know what you’re thinking, “He’s going to say the Yankees are cowards and don’t want to face the Sox”. Wrong. That’s obvious no need to write it out.

No, nowadays the big, bad Bronx bombers aren’t afraid, they’ve just given up. So much so that their tears have flooded New York and now I have to stay up until 1am watching a marathon Sox-Yankees game because it has to start later. So fuck you guys for that.

But for anyone thinking this is a throwaway series for the Sox, this will still be one worthy staying up for.

Yes, Boston, this is the final regular season milestone needed to complete this magical run prior to hitting the reset button for the playoffs.

It’ll be the second time in three years the Sox have clinched the division in New York and that’s lovely. Nothing like seeing Kevin’s stupid face swell up holding back tears knowing the Red Sox are popping champagne in the clubhouse underneath him as he leaves Yankee Stadium a loser Tuesday night. I’m giddy just thinking about it.

Tonight’s pitching matchup actually has some fairly large playoff implications outside of the magic number.

Tuesday is a big one for both teams. Eovaldi is still competing with game three’s starter, Erod, for a playoff starting rotation role. At the same time, Happ (3.75 era) is the Yankees best pitcher and will likely need to take the bump in a one game playoff against Oakland. A bad start against the Sox could derail that plan or at least bury Yankee fan’s hopes and dreams.

The recent Mets series was pretty blah for the Sox, but one big note came out of the final game. Mookie Betts exited with an injury similar to the one that sidelined him earlier this season.

Not great. BUT I have good news.

Mookie in the DH spot? I love it. I can’t get enough of it. You think Mookie’s great and an MVP focusing on hitting and fielding then wait until he only has to focus on one. Three dingers guaranteed. Four when you factor in Yankee Stadium being a joke.

In the end of the day the Sox got very lucky with Betts, but that’s the season in a nutshell. I expect more of the same in New York.

Feature Image via ESPN 30 for 30: Four Days in October

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