The Dumpster Fire in the Steelers Locker Room Rages on

It’s week two of the season and each team in the NFL is starting to show signs of what they may be going forward this season. Around this time of the year there are plenty of over reactions as well.

This is not one of those.

The Pittsburgh Steelers locker room is a raging dumpster fire that grows substantially larger every week. Le’veon Bell is still not back at practice. I’d say he’s no where to be found, but that’s not true. He’s down in Miami riding jet skis.

He doesn’t give a fuck about the Steelers problems. So much so that his Miami trip was far from over at the jet skis.

There are still plenty of yinz in Pittsburgh that think Bell is being a pre-madona or over paid or needs to shut up about the money. In the end of the day, he may have the right idea, on and off the field.

The Steelers currently sit at 0-1-1 on the season. They gave the Browns the first game they haven’t lost on Sunday in quite sometime in week one. And let’s be honest, the Browns should’ve won that game. Then in week two the Mahomes wagon rolled through,  dropped 42 on that sorry ass Pittsburgh defense and Antonio Brown was held to nine receptions and 67 yards. Which doesn’t sound bad until you see that he was targeted 17 goddamn times.

Which brings me to the newest of locker room debacles.

If Bell being off and enjoying life wasn’t hurting the team on the field enough, then Antonio Brown being gone would cripple them.

Normally a guy as well respected as Antonio Brown gets the benefit of the doubt if he misses practice. There must be a reason he’s not there. There’s no granting that the day after a tweet like this.

I’d say that one is pretty straight forward. It may not mean he necessarily wants out, he could just be shit talking, but wouldn’t you want out. Get out of that dumpster fire with as few wounds as possible. Add on the fact that Brown was one of the few who never wavered his support for Bell and you have quite the shit storm on your hands in Pittsburgh.

If all of this doesn’t make you think that the Steelers are holding on by a thread then level with me for a second. Do, in your right mind, think that a wounded Big Ben, Ju Ju and a god awful defense is enough to even win five or six game this season? I sure as hell don’t.

Still not bad enough for you? Chew on this for a second. This isn’t going to just be a bad season. It doesn’t get better from here, it gets worse. First Bell takes off, then Brown stops showing up and eventually finds his way into a trade, then Tomlin get’s fired, then Ben retires. Now Pittsburgh is left with Mason Rudolph running the offense next year with a new head coach that may or may not be able to survive coaching in Pittsburgh.

It’s about to get even uglier in Pittsburgh, so buckle up yinz because the snow will be the least of your worries this winter.

Feature Image via TMZ

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