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Seth Rogen Blew The Internet’s Mind Yesterday

Not often your jaw legitimately drops to the floor. Yesterday was one of those days thanks to Seth Rogen.

How did I go 30 years of life and not know about this? We all remember playing duck hunt as a kid. Put the gun 2 inches from the screen, kill ducks in record speed and blow on that ugly orange gun like James Bond while the hound went to find the carcass. Easy money.

Now I come to find out that the whole time we actually could have had fun playing duck hunt??!!? How again I ask? I’m not exaggerating, this should have been interrupt Monday Night Football type of breaking news. I wasn’t the only one blown away.

I didn’t even know duck hunt was a two player game. Imagine if you had this knowledge back then? You would have brought the world to their knees. So it looks like I’m hopping on Amazon and going to Prime myself an NES classic today.

featured Image: Flickr


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