VIDEO: These Guys Deserve A Medal Or Keys To The City For This

Hurricane Florence hit this past week/weekend. If you didn’t check your phone or turn on a tv or talk to anyone over the last four days, it was a big ol hurricane that slugged the Carolinas. People were evacuated and displaced, shout out Costal Carolina baseball, everywhere.

During all this chaos some big time asshole/s decided to leave their dogs locked up. Yeah. Like left their dogs to basically die. Thank you tiny little innocent baby Jesus that Marcus and his friends found them before any further damage was done.

I’m not crying, you’re crying. Can you imagine just leaving these sweet good boys to die? Fuck these people. Don’t get a pet or in this class like 6 pets if you’re just going to ghost them without warning like they are some one night stand you had freshman year. Marcus I’m going to need the address of where this happened. I’m going in like Ben Afleck from The Town.

Someone on twitter said, “what if this people died in the hurricane?” This is a fantastic point, one to which I say, why didn’t you leave and take the GBs (good boys) with you? Shame on you. How dare you die without getting these dogs to high ground?

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