Scratch what I said… Cowboys may never lose again!

Last week after the Cowboys awful looking loss to Carolina, I wrote a (great) article about the Cowboys old stale offense. Cowboys offense

Last night, less than two minutes into the game Scott Linehan, Dak and the Cowboys offense threw up the old double middle fingers in my face… And, I loved it.

Image – Twitter DallasCowboys

They did what I’ve been screaming about all offseason (Tavon) GET TAVON AUSTIN INVOLVED…

Boom. 64 yard touchdown bomb to kickstart this new, fast, fun, inventive offense!

Yup. Just… Yup.

Then this Dallas Cowboys Defense (combination of the 85 Bears and 00 Ravens) took over! They absolutely scared the living shit out of Eli all night.

They sacked the poor old man six times. Forced a fumble and just straight beat him up. I was about to call one of those bully hotlines and report the abuse I was seeing on the TV.

The defensive line was getting pressure all night. The young corners were shutting down billionaire OBJ and Jaylon Smith is the new Ray Lewis (without killing anyone… except Eli.)

Here’s another hot take… Cowboys new defensive “assistant” Kris Richard (former Seattle DC) is calling the defense. I love Rod, but this is now Richard’s defense. The corners are all up in the receiver’s faces playing press-man and I swore I saw Richard yelling…


Because, holy hell did they Blitz. 5 sacks on Blitz’s and almost 65% pressure when they brought the dogs!

Yes, the offense got a bit complacent in the middle of the game. However.. I think they just felt bad for how piss poor the Giants are. So when they needed a score again at the end…

Image – Twitter DallasCowboys

The RPO, Dak and Zeke show took over to put the game away. The receiving Corp is just so deep that Dak can spread it to anyone. Deonte Thompson is out here looking like Michael Irvin. Gallup, Hurns and Cole moving the chains… We got somethin goin’ here boys.

(But cut Terrence Williams.. Like now.)

This team is about to roll off 3 straight W’s. (Actually make that 10 in a row. Actually, you know what they may never lose ever again!) This defense is going to be top 10, and they don’t even have David Irving and Xavier Woods playing yet. So be afraid NFL.. Be very afraid.

A great Cowboys insider Matt Yost said he feels this offense has found their identity. And that identity is a reincarnation of the Tebow offense run by Dak! DAKBO! “Lets get all Tebow on them!” Who runs a better RPO than Dak and Zeke?

..I’ll wait.

The Cowboys saw the stats that more teams in NFL history have made the playoffs starting 1-1 than 2-0. So they just gave that one to Carolina and the real show started last night.

The Dallas Cowboys are in 1st place and I feel like it’s the 90’s again!

-Kevin “That Guy”

Feature Image – Twitter Dallas Cowboys

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