Best Vontae Davis tweets from yesterday

So everyone heard what happened during the Bills game yesterday. NFL veteran, Vontae Davis just decided he was done with football and The Buffalo Bills and retired Mid game at half time. I don’t know about you, but I thought it was fucking hysterical. We’ve all dreamed of walking out on a job we hate but never have the balls to do it….well Vontae Davis did just that…AND STILL GOT PAID.

Of course after this happened, I went to Twitter to see what hilarious posts people were tweeting and it made me laugh even harder.

Here’s how I imagine it went in the lock room…

Bills Coach: alright guys you ready to go back in there? We can do this!

Vontae Davis:

Anyway-here’s the top tweets from this historic event in Week 2 of the 2018 NFL season….

1. Yea this about sums it up.

2. The ultimate Irish Goodbye is right. I’m Irish so I appreciate this even more.

3. I don’t condone quitting, but I think he’s low key my hero too just because this was funny as hell.

4. “Fuck lemonade, I’m out.” -Vontae Davis


6. For everyone who’s ever hated their job so much that they just wanna get up and leave…. Vontae Davis literally did this yesterday.

7. SAME dude…. SAME.

8. We’ve all done this before playing Madden, Vontae Davis just did it real life.

9. His Uber rating is probably a 5.0.

Vontae Davis is savage. I’m still laughing over this.

This is Murt and in the words of Vontae Davis, “Fuck this shit, I’m out.”

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