WWE Wrestler Accuses Barstool Of Sexism, WWE Still One Of The Most Sexist Companies Ever?

This has left my mind fucked all day and all night.  I go on twitter dot com and I am casually searching and scrolling for stuff to blog.  That is my job and I do it proudly and better than everyone.  When I come across a tweet that left me mind fucked and baffled beyond all words.

This baffled me beyond all reason.  Let me explain.  Yes I am a blind follower of Barstool, I can give you reasons and excuses for almost everything you use to site as sexism (because it’s not a place that is sexist)  However, of course there are things they have done that they shouldn’t have but I digress.  The point I am getting to is there is no way a WWE employee should EVER accuse somebody else of being sexist trash, not ever!!!  Let’s take a look into WWE’s sexist and gross passed.

Vince McMahon, Vince honestly as far as business and work ethic goes is a legend and one of my hero’s.  His past is something that nobody ever should want on their resume.  Let’s start with the time he asked for a biker gang to rape the Undertakers Wife

*Says it at 1:05* Do I have to explain that any further?  Sexist?  This man is calling for rape of an employee’s wife.  Take that how you wish.

What else can we talk about for sexism with WWE? Oh how about the time Vince McMahon had a story where his wife was “Drugged” and he would pretend to have an affair with one of his employees and make out with his employee in front of his “Drugged” wife.  I know you’re thinking, el oh el Ru that didn’t happen.. It did though.

Now I am a little bit jealous of what Vince did in this clip.  Trish is an all time hottie and to be fair she was in some power right?  She didn’t feel pressured by her boss to do this?  We may never know, Luckily this never happened to Trish again…. Except that one time.

Oh he one time made Trish strip in front of an entire arena naked while Paul Heyman was yelling “YES, YES TAKE IT OFF!!” and “Hey mom, I came to DC and I got to see bush.”

Those are just jokes though right Luke Harper you big dumb bitch?  Again just jokes that is all it is, I’m not actually calling him a big dumb bitch.  I also want to be fair this was all in WWE’s past.  They don’t do this stuff anymore, kind of like how Barstool no longer does things like “guess that ass” so if I’m going to be fair to Barstool and say a lot of what people consider “sexist” of Barstool is from back in the day, I should give WWE that same right…. Except..

Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 10.34.20 PM

Hmmm that is pretty bad and as recent as the last year.  The wrestler who this quote is referring to is Ember Moon who is very good and very talented, but she didn’t look a certain way so they didn’t want her at the time.  Let’s talk about that a little farther.  WWE just recently this year started calling their women wrestlers “women”  They have been calling them “Divas” for as long as I can remember they even got rid of a women’s title to call it a Divas title.  ordinarily I would say that is fine, that is the right of the WWE, but it’s not anymore.  You can’t say that you no longer hire women for looks and hire them on ability, and then NOT hire someone for looks.

They have been using women as a sex object forever and that is ok if women are ok with it, sex sells.  I do an “Instagram Girl Of The Week” feature every Monday because guy’s love seeing half-naked girls, and that is ok, I do too.  Any guy who say’s he doesn’t isnt into that or is married and his wife can see his twitter and instagram account.  The point is the WWE love’s to have it both ways and they can’t.  They shouldn’t be able to get away with that in today’s world.

As far as Luke Harper goes, he is not involved in any situations I just mentioned, but he works for them and he is a representative of them so if he want’s to hold everyone in a company under the same umbrella I will do the same to him.  If that’s not fair in your mind maybe this is.

Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 10.47.31 PM.png

WWE had an event in Saudi Arabia where women wrestlers were not allowed to wrestle in.  In fact there was some bad press over this in Saudi Arabia.  No not because they didn’t allow women, because women were shown on-screen as a preview for something else.

Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 10.49.53 PM

They apologized to men in Saudi Arabia because they had to see women being free, and WWE did not care Vince lined his pockets with the money they made oh and Luke Harper our good friend who hates sexism so much competed in this event and lined his own pockets as well.  Despite the fact he was competing for people who think women should live in a sack and never be seen or heard.  Hopefully Luke enjoys the view from his high horse, because the long fall down can be a real bitch.

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