Steve Smith And Michael Irvin Got Into It Last Night During The Broadcast

Last night the Bengals beat the Ravens 34-23. AJ Green had about a billion touchdowns in the first half and the Ravens didn’t put up too much of a fight. The real fight happened off the field between Michael “big mouth wouldn’t do shit if you ran up on him because he is a little bitch” Irvin and the scariest man alive, Steve Smith.

Irvin made a comment about how Flacco has never had a receiver to throw to since Boldin and Steve Smith was sitting right next to him.

At the very top of the list of people I would never fuck with, is a 5’9″ wife receiver by the name of Steve Smith Sr. Guy is honestly the most terrifying human in earth. And this isn’t the first time these two got into it.

Last October Irvin tried making some terrible joke in live tv and Smith look right in the camera and told him he was going to whoop his ass. Not a chance he was joking. If Irvin was there he would have ripped him into two pieces.

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