Remembering A Legend…

Wow. I never thought I’d actually hear David Wright’s name in the Mets starting lineup again, but in the mid-afternoon on September 13th, 2018 all of baseball was given a miracle as it was announced that the New York legend, David Wright, will make his final start at 3B for the Mets.

Here’s a little snippet of the conference where the news was officially announced….


*Sniffle* Sorry, I don’t usually cry unless I read my dude Nick Ru’s article Top 10 Cry Moments in Movie History, or when I first got friend zoned by a girl I shouldn’t have been chasing anyway….but that’s not important at the moment. One of my favorite players I watched in my pre-teen and early teenage years is about to take the field for the last time in one of the biggest fall from grace stories in baseball so yeah I feel bad. As sad as this announcement is though, I want this article to be more in celebration of the player and person Mr. Met (David Wright) is.

I will always be a die-hard Cubs fan, but I love the game of baseball in its entirety and will always have respect for players like David Wright. Not only was he a superstar on the field, but he was a phenomenal human being off the field starting his own foundation to raise awareness and support for multiple sclerosis sufferers back in 2005. It was because of his kindhearted nature, modesty, and talent on the field that he was named captain for one of the biggest franchises in the MLB. Very rarely does a player get bestowed with this honor nowadays, but David Wright was the perfect example of the type of player and person you need to be to become the face of a franchise for more than a decade.

A huge shoutout of respect to the New York Mets organization as well. After the news of David Wright playing in his final game, the Mets front office announced that they will retire David’s #5 jersey and enshrine him in the Mets Hall of Fame. A fitting gesture for a guy who had a career slash line of .296/.376/.491 and a career OPS of .867 over a 13 year career with the organization up until this point. He is also the Mets all-time leader in hits (1,777), doubles (390), walks (761), runs scored (949), and RBIs (970). But I don’t think it should stop there. I’m not an official baseball writer so I don’t get to vote on this, but I definitely think that David Wright should at least get some serious consideration for the MLB Hall of Fame. Taking the 9 years right after his rookie season, David Wright (AKA Mr. Met) had a slash line of Β .300/.383/.502/ with an OPS of .885. For all of you who may be newer to baseball statistics, that’s insanely good. He also went to 7 All-Star games, won 2 Silver Slugger awards, and 2 Gold Gloves. So yeah, he’d get my vote to be eternally shrined with the rest of baseball’s elite.

It’s safe to say that I will definitely be tuning in on September 29th to watch David Wright’s last career start, and I hope he hits a piss rocket over the left field wall that game. To end this piece, here are some videos of the biggest highlights of David Wright’s career. He will not only be remembered by Mets fans, but the entire baseball community. Enjoy!


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Phillies Truther
Phillies Truther
September 14, 2018 6:38 pm

β€˜07. Up 7 games with 17 to play. Phillies win division and Meta go home