My Fandom Has Been Purchased, With A Heavy Heart ….. #WeAre #PennState

A few weeks ago the Miami Hurricanes played a football game against LSU.  They were demolished.  It was never close and they should be ashamed to have the “U” on their helmets.  They have been saying The U is back for 5 years now and it will never come back.  It is possibly dead.  Richt cant coach them to a title and refuses to play the guys that will get him there.  As I tend to do i overreacted and put my fandom on sale on Ebay.

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Well of course a fan from Penn State was eager and ready to buy my young smooth tight ass and force me to blog and be a Penn State fan.  Well I am a man of my word and will hold my end of the bargain.  I will not try to run from my own deal.  When I was a kid and I knew my dad was coming home to get me I would hide in the shower with the water on, a Penn State fan would just find me there though.  I digress though, this is my opening statements as a Penn State fan.

To whom it may concern,

I Nicholas A Russo. will be a great Penn State fan.  I will blog about their games before and after every Saturday.  I will talk them up throughout the week and honor them the way they deserve.  I will not make jokes about the following and not limited to the following, molestation, rape, hiding of abuse, Joe Pa dying to stay out of jail, the way Penn State can never win a big game, and the cult that is their fans and students.  I will talk about recruits and recruiting classes in a positive light, I shall never talk about showers and shower sex when talking about Penn State.  I am now a Penn State fan but I will never like Joe Pa and will consider him a criminal but will not make jokes about it (Kinda how he didn’t talk about it) Ok that was the last one no more.  (Woulda been nice if he said no more to Jerry.)  That was it I promise.


Loyal Penn Stater Ru

Now let’s talk about this upcoming game.  Penn State is coming off a dominant road win at Pitt where the game was never really close.  This week they have Kent State, a pretty easy test before another easy test against Illinois.  Penn State is going to win both of those games by 40+ and you can take that to the bank sister!  I really don’t have to break either of those games down because they are barely games.  It’s like a child trying to fight a grown man at a football camp, just never had a chance.

Anyway, Go PSU!

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