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Follow Friday: Sarge

Happy friday everyone, only a few hours and we are free again. Unless you work in a car dealership or something where you’re in work Saturday’s. In that case….sorry bout it.

We bring you another edition of Follow Friday and this one is my favorite so far. I give you Sarge. He is currently putting out some of the best internet content you’ll find. He’s a Boston guy, everyone knows my secret shame that I wish I grew up in Boston. And he’s insanely funny.

Sarge caught my eye from a video he did that popped on my timeline. It was a review of Beauty and the Beast but classic Bostonian style. Immediately I was all in. Then I find he’s doing more and more and some characters like Curtis Fox Tail and Eddie. Here is just a taste of his work.

That is just a tiny little taste, the dude is putting out a ton of content. Since I started this blog he’s probably banged out three more videos. Do yourself a favor and go follow my man @bastardprophet


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