Branded Hour Power Rankings

Have you been to any of our Branded Hour Bars yet? Have a score of your own? If you do make sure to send it our way.

In case you haven’t heard of the Branded Hour yet, let me drop some knowledge on you.

Every Friday at 3PM we post a new edition of The Branded Hour. Where I review, recap and rate a different bar and their Happy Hour.

I rate, drinks, food and atmosphere. Sometimes there are even bonuses. I have rated bars from Philly to Bucks County to Florida and South Bend (Go Irish!)

Intrigued? Haven’t seen it yet? Well you are in luck. Every two months I will post an updated Power Ranking of all of the Branded Bars we have reviewed.

Branded Hour Power Rankings:

7. City Tap 26 out of 30

6. Poco’s 26.3 out of 30

5. Barnaby’s Havertown 27.5 out of 30

4. Scandals Saloon 27.8 out of 30

3. Tony’s Place 28.1 out of 30

2. O’Rourke’s Public House 28.5 out of 30

1. Shorty’s Bar 29.8 out of 30

THAT is your first Branded Hour Power Rankings. Check back for the next Power Rankings in November.

Make sure you follow us and be ready for 3PM every Friday for another edition of The Branded Hour.

Have a bar you want us to review? Send it our way at @Branded_Sports

Drink Responsibly #ForTheBrand

-Kevin “That Guy”

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