Yes… Dallas dwells in the past. (We have to)

What a shitty start to the season as a Cowboys fan. The Eagles didn’t look great but guess what, they found a way to win. The Redskins plastered the Cardinals in Alex Smith’s debut, and the Giants.. Well the Giants stunk too but, Eli will probably find a way to beat Dallas Sunday night.

I mean, I even already had to write an article about how their offense stinks out loud… Cowboys 1954 Offense

And, now…

On Sunday during the Cowboys game, Dallas’s former 3 time Super Bowl winning QB said he didn’t see any creativity in the Cowboys offense. Uhh.. That wasn’t a criticism that’s just 100% fact.

So, of course Stephen Jones had to respond…

247 Sports “I just think at the end of the day, everybody can play armchair quarterback and point fingers after the fact,” Jones said

But I think it’s unfair right now to point fingers at play-calling, whether it’s Dak, whether it’s our receivers

No, Stephen it’s completely fair. Because, it’s 100% the play-calling, it’s 100% Dak, it’s 100% the lack of receivers. And, in case you forgot… Troy is no “armchair QB” he’s a 3X SB Winning QB for the Dallas Cowboys, Dak can’t even win a SB in Madden.

Now, we have Jerry drunk in love at the Jay Z and Beyonce concert with Dez, days after Dez was dropping bombs on the boys via Twitter. (Jerry bringing Dez back would be the most Jerry move of All-Time.)

So, since this season has started of terribly and most fans already envision a top 5 draft pick… Let me take you into the past (and see what Cowboys football used to look like.) And, hopefully put a smile on your face.

A Cowboys QB who could sling it..

What Red Zone Offense should look like..

“Goodbye Emmitt Smith”

We miss you Witt..


Anyone miss Romo now?

How about Dez?

Or Bailey…

And… The Super Bowls wins..

But, it’s ok. We should have “faith in the guys on the roster” and in the “play-calling.” It’s about to go from bad to worse fellow Cowboys fans. (I hope I’m wrong.)

Until they give us a reason to cheer, we have no choice but to live in the past.

-Kevin “Sad That Guy”

Feature Image – Pintrest

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