It’s very clear that I am a Barstool fan. They catch a bad wrap from people that don’t understand them and just read headlines from certain sites. It comes from a place of jealousy and complete inferiority.

Last night this Mets super fan fought through a rain delay to enjoy her chemo vacation. That’s right, Ali is battling cancer but what’s worse is she’s a Mets fan. I wouldn’t wish being a Mats fan on anyone.

So, KFC from Barstool gets wind of this and as a man that can relate to living as a suffering Mets fan, he reached out to try and help with some free gear. And if Ali didn’t seem cool enough, she immediately tells people to go donate to help others. I don’t normally say this about Mets fans – but damn she kicks ass.

Once again, I know KFC isn’t the most beloved guy on Earth. He made a terrible mistake last year and people will never trust him or look at him the same again. Fine. But the people on twitter giving him a hard time about venmoing him need to put those issues aside and see the bigger picture here. It’s easier done this way, for one.  And two, you’re insane if you think he is going to keep any of the money.

So do something good for somebody today and donate to Ali.  The venmo again is @kevin-clancy-7.  If you want to write something like fuck you KFC in the note, go for it. Great chance to make a change and know Kevin will see it. Two birds, one venmo….or something like that.

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