I Love Carson Wentz

You probably clicked on this blog thinking that Carson may have done something special like another Make-A-Wish or saved a poverty-stricken country from going hungry.  That is not what this blog is about even though Carson has done all of that stuff and more time and time again.  This is just me a man from Philadelphia, PA letting you ever everyone around you know that I love Carson Wentz.

The reasons are very obvious, Carson is a great guy.  He has done some of the most amazing things for people in the world as well as people here at home.  He is lovely and genuine.  On top of all that he is the perfect football player, and to haters of which there are many he is perfect.  Carson gets up at 4am everyday to workout watch film and practice he gets home at 10 and falls asleep just to get back at it again the next day.  I swoon every time I hear people in the business talk about his work ethic, it get’s me so hot.

Carson Wentz is a genuine perfect football guy who proposed to his lovely wife in a beautiful way because he is a beautiful man and they are a beautiful couple.

I hope she knows how lucky she is, also…

LeJawn is right Carson, so do I.  Wentz is a North Dakota man who is 6’5 and go’s out and hunts what he eats.  Guy kills a 300lb deer and carries it back on his back 5 miles through the snow and cold, guts it himself and cooks it up like a true man.  I need me a partner that can do that.  When he is not hunting he is throwing perfect spirals to the men of the Philadelphia Eagles and telling us how much he loves Philly.. Ugh what a perfect man.  He works for us, plays for us, kills himself for us and he is a man unlike any other.  He wont throw up in crunch time or run a star wideout out-of-town.  He will make it work because that is what he does, he makes things work.

Carson is an old-fashioned gun slinger from the wild wild west who slings the ball all over the field taking bodies with him.  Sending DB’s to hell and making DC’s lose their jobs.  There is nothing like him out there in this world and when he come’s back better than ever I will sit in front of my 70 inch flat screen TV and I will sit in awe as the greatest QB to ever put on an Eagles jersey takes us back to the promise land.  I love you Carson Wentz with all of my heart forever and ever.  You are the man.

God Bless, With Love.

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