Top Tweets from Bachelor in Paradise Finale

Yes-I watch Bachelor in Paradise and I write for a sports blog. You can call it my secret shame but I don’t care, I love the damn show. It is hilarious and full of drama and tears and it’s like a car accident, I can’t look away. You can blame my younger sister for getting me into this trash TV because once I watched, I was hooked. Anyway, at least I’ll reach some of the girls with this one….because TWITTER WAS BLOWING UP LAST NIGHT!!! Here’s my top favorite tweets from last nights finale that had me either laughing my head off or screaming “YES BITCH!!” like Tia with the audience….

1. Yea…seriously. I’m obsessed with Jordan now, too.

2. Grocery Store Joe may be my new hall pass.

3. Literally LOLed.

4. Things you think about in the shower the next morning after watching the finale.

5. I honestly think every person in America wanted Annalise to punch Kamil in the throat.

6. They are our friends OKAY!!!

7. She said it not me buuuuut….

8. Jordan now has millions of body guards surrounding him. WE GOT YOU J!

9. Grocery Store Joe is life. Guess I’m gonna start watching Dancing with the Stars now.

10. Tia is that friend who cheers you on when you run into your ex while drunk at a bar.

11. So accurate.


13. I think we all need some Wills back in our lives.


15. Chris Harrison is that cool Uncle who slashes a guys tires for fucking with you then winks at him when he sees him in public.

Alright, Bachelor Nation…. IM OUT.

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September 15, 2018 12:01 pm

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