Lets Get Ready To Cry Folks: Top 10 Cry Moments In Movies


Crying is a natural and human reaction in every moment of life.  Most people especially men always try to hold it back, unless you get hit hard in the nose you can’t control it.  Nothing though can bring a great cry out of a person like a sad scene in the movies.  My grading system went on a few things, longevity (how long the movie has been around and how it still affects me) As well as how much I cry when I watch it.  Here is my top 10.

10. Bambi- Bambi’s Mom Dies

We’re starting out the countdown with a tough one.  A Disney classic the movie Bambi, but an opening unlike any other for a kid’s movie.  Bambi’s mom saying “Run, keep running! Keep running!” Bambi yelling out, We made it! We made it mother!!! Mother? I’m crying just typing that out and I have not even clicked on that video yet.  It’s so raw and so real and even though it’s a Deer you put yourself in that position as a child and your mom never to be seen again, it’s awful.  I don’t want to continue this countdown.. I will though

9. The Iron Giant- “I go, you stay”

Some may not remember this movie as much and they should.  it is an all time classic and all time painful to watch.  You grow so close to the Iron Giant and you begin to love him and care for him as he cares for the little kid.  He see’s the entire town prepared for their own deaths.  He knows what Superman would do and he fly’s into space and lets the nuke kill him to save everyone.  My keyboard is covered in my tears right now thinking about him saying “Superman” before his death and his tiny friend in tears.

8. Toy Story 3- So Long Partner

I am SHOOK right now! Shook!  Toy Story not only brings up our childhood and thinking when we went away that our toys could be alive and moving but it brings you to the times when you grew up and you gave your toys away.  Thinking about the good times when times were simple.  The way Tom Hanks as Woody says “So long partner” and I am crying, I am only 3 video’s in and I am crying.

7. Guardians Of The Galaxy -We Are Groot

Full disclosure this is even hard to type out and easily could have been my number one.  The only reason it did not make number one is because its fairly new so I did not want to put it against things that have been making me cry for decades.  This is a tough scene though.  I took my girlfriend to see this and she was never into comic movies.  She fell in love with Groot and was BALLLLING her eyes out during this scene.  Groot is like a big dog that is in your family for ages and you grow to love and adore and can’t imagine life without your dog.  Then one day your dog passes and leaves an incredible hole in your heart, that’s Groot, and now I need to go get a tissue before I continue

6. E.T.- I’ll Be Right Here

I think this get’s to every person for the same reason.  ET is his best friend, growing up all you want is a best friend to do everything with and to think of as a brother or sister. ET was like that for everyone.  He points to his heart and says “I’ll be right here” Holy hell i am a ball of mess and this is taking awhile to get through

5. Saving Private Ryan- “I Want My Mom, I Want To Go Home”

This get’s me and destroy’s me every time I watch it.  War movies will always have the effect on me and always get me to cry but this one especially.  It is so sad and so real because it’s a cold hard fact that this is the kind of thing that happens to our people over seas.  In their final moments, their final breaths wishing for another second with their wife or their mother or child.  Wishing they could see them again, knowing they never will.  It’s a cold hard reality and seeing it played out on the big screen in such a real hard fact of life not only brings chills to my bones.  It brings tears to my eyes.

4. The Lion King- Mufasa Dies

This is the one for everyone’s childhood.  The one that has stuck with us forever.  Mufasa dies, killed by Scar in front of Simba.  It use to just make me sad.  Simba just wants his father back, Mufasa just wants to save Simba it is heart wrenching.  Now that I am a month away from having a son of my own who I would do anything for and give my life for I have to admit it has a weird feeling and brings tears right to my face more than ever

Simba asking for help “Somebody… Anybody… Help?” I’m a mess right now.

3. The Green Mile- John Coffey Executed

Tom Hanks is all over this countdown.  The man just cant help but be in scenes that kill us and bring us to tears.  The Green Mile is one of the hardest endings to get through.  John Coffey is an all time lovable character who over the course of the movie becomes more lovable.  He is sweet and caring and does everything for everyone.  Tom Hanks and the rest of the cast give John a chance to escape as Hank’s character Paul says “When it is my time to stand before God, how do I tell him I killed one of his greatest creations” and John responds “When you see God, you tell him you did me a favor, cause I asked ya too take this pain away.”  That goes right through me every time as the execution is set up.  John Coffey sits down the electricity is sent through his body and Hanks begins to cry with his coworkers.  Damn…. Damn.

2. Marley & Me- “You’re A Great Dog Marley”

This right here if it was made in the 90s would have been number one and when you see number one you’ll understand why.  This huts to watch.  Anyone who has ever had a dog or has a dog knows this pain.  Our dog’s do not out live us sadly.  They are here for a short period of time and we have to live with that fact.  The old saying that is, “People are born so that they can learn how to live a good Life – – like loving everybody all the time and being nice, right? ‘Well, dogs already know how to do that, so they don’t have to stay as long.’  It cut’s right to our core and it hurt’s because it’s true.  Dogs are the most amazing gift to mankind.  I don’t know if we deserve them sometimes but I am thankful for my dog everyday.  When Marley & Me came out i had a 10-year-old Beagle named Buddy, he has fought cancer off and on for a few years, I had known he was coming to an end and prepared myself for it.  One day my dad had told me it was time he was in a lot of pain and could barely walk.  My Mother and Brother said goodbye and i got down on my knees in the kitchen and hugged him, he licked my face and I scratched him behind the ears he got up, he walked over to the door as if to tell us it was ok he was ready.  I watched Marley & Me days later and every time I watch it I think of him as I’m sure we all do.  I always have my guy with me though..

0.jpgNow if you’ll excuse me I have to go wipe the tears from my face because I can no longer see the screen.

Before we get into the number one spot.  I have a bunch of honorable mentions that need to be discussed on this list.

-Rocky III: Mickey Dies

-My Girl: He Cant See Without His Glasses

-Creed: Rocky Has Cancer

– Land Before Time: Little Foots Mom Dies

– My Dog Skip: The End

-I Am Legend: Samantha Dies

– Up: Pictures

– Forrest Gump: I Miss You Jenny

– Forrest Gump: Bubba Dies

– Homeward Bound: Shadow Accepts Death






Now For Number One

1. The Fox And The Hound

I know I have put everyone through a lot and this is by far the hardest thing to get through and this did not make it easier.  The list would not be complete without this movie.  Gut wrenching and hard to watch it tears me apart inside and does not leave me feeling good.  Disney love’s to hurt people like this without any care in the world.  When she walks away and the fox sit’s there crying I cry.  I know the old lady thought she was doing what was in the best interest of Tod but she broke the Fox’s heart and broke mine, now I can’t stop crying, and neither can you.

God Bless.

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