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Funniest Hurricane Moments!

Hurricanes are no laughing matter. I saw this first hand, living in NJ during Hurricane Sandy was not fun.


Most of the times the news just forces us to laugh. I just can’t help it (and you know you can’t either.) Sometimes people just make fools of themselves and other times the news coverage of Hurricanes are just outrageous.

The “Wind is so Strong” Guy

Check out this dude. I’m not sure if he failed acting school, is trying way too hard to sell the Hurricane or is being serious… But, watch him being “dominated” by the winds as others stroll by behind him.

The “Dominos is Open LFG” people

If you look closely I believe that is our own Nick Ru pullin’ the Old Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift in the background!

The “No Days off” Guy

CEO Joe AKA Captain of the Ship, AKA Chief is into fitness. He never takes a day off. And apparently neither does this dude who was trying to find his inner animal spirit during a nice hurricane horse trot.

The “That was a heck of a gust” Guy

It’s dark. It’s windy as shit. Let the poor guy do the report from inside the truck! We know that Hurricanes produce wind and rain. “Woooahhhhhh I’m ok…”

The “I hate these people” Guy

Another poor rookie reporter that they threw outside to “cover the storm.” “Yeah Cindy well… It sure is wet out here and uhh the weather outside is weather!” BUT, this poor guy has way more problems then the wind or rain…

The “We need a wind meter” Lady

Another poor reporter.. At night.. In the rain.. In the wind.. And…

The “I want to do a hero interview” Guy

Why? Can’t we just get the poor homeless “police officer” inside? Nope, let’s just interview him! “How are things out here for you?”

The “I wanted to experience the weather Guy”

Just wait for it…

The “I’m an asshole and just wanna talk” Guy

I want to punch this dude.

The HOF of Hurricane Idiots

Just sit back and enjoy this montage of goodness.

I will not get my Hurricane Coverage from anyone else but…


So… If you are in the path of Hurricane Florence don’t try to be a hero. Just leave. And watch the rest of the idiots on TV with us.

Good Luck reporters!

-Kevin “That Guy”

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