Punt the football.

I have been a fan of the game of football for a very long time and I have now realized that the most important player on a football team is the PUNTER!  Yes, that’s right.  The PUNTER.

We are now in the era of football where the coaches are over thinking the whole analytical part of the game.  Well, we have a 32.7% chance of converting on 4th down which will give us 12.6% better chance of scoring more points.  STOP IT!  PUNT THE FOOTBALL!

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I may even punt the football on 3rd down depending on the situation.  This past Thursday night during the Eagles game there were many 3rd downs when I was yelling at Doug to punt.  I even called the box office at Lincoln Financial field to see if they could connect my call to his headset.  That didn’t happen, but I did get to talk to Jeff Lurie and he said he would consider it.  Yes, the box office is basically the operator of the Eagles front office.

Cameron (THE LEG) Johnston was the damn MVP for the Eagles against the Falcons.  He crushed the ball with a hang time damn near 15 seconds, giving the Falcons no chance to return it, and landed inside the 20 yard line like he was Tiger chipping from the fringe.


Career comparison

Quarterback Yards/Completion <> Punter Yards/Punt
Tom Brady 7.5 < Ryan Allen 45.4
Aaron Rodgers 7.88 < Justin Vogel 41.6
Drew Brees 7.59 < Thomas Morstead 41.4

I took the top three quarterbacks and compared how much they impact a game.  The yard comparison isn’t even close!  You cannot tell me that a quarterback is more efficient than the punter.  The play everyone in the damn league runs, called “Punt” is the best offensive play in the book.  What other play can you call and almost guarantee that it is going to be at least a 30 yard play?  Philly special?  Ok, yeah philly special but that’s it.

I know the quarterback in the face of the franchise and everyone loves them because they account for much of the success.  Punters should be the players that are getting 20+ million dollar contracts and the super models.  Pay the punters and win super bowls.  That is the key to success.

Side note:  Does anyone remember the skills challenge in madden called coffin corner?  That proves my point that punting is a HUGE part of the game of football.  If John Madden is suggesting you practice your punting, you better listen.  BOOM!

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