Officially Branded!

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What’s up everyone? The name is Edgar Alan. This might come as a surprise to some of you, but if you’ve been reading the Branded Sports for awhile then you’re probably already familiar with some of my work. I’ll touch on that in a second though.

Unlike most bloggers here, I’ve never blogged before. I also don’t have a degree in creative writing, but I love sports and I’m not a dumbass (Mon-Thursday that is. Can’t blame me for my weekend habits… Well, I guess you can, but fuck it I have fun.) Like most bloggers here though, I’m hungry to grow and see this page reach new heights so you best believe I’ll be winning that Rookie of The Year trophy for bloggers.

Anyway, my buddy Eric, who you know as Kurbs, started writing for The Brand and invited all of his old fraternity brothers to like the blog’s page. I was out drinking with some work buddies on a Thursday (close enough to the weekend) when I saw his post and my tipsy ass decided to fuck around and ask if they need any baseball writers. Then God spoke, and Kurbs texted me saying that they were looking for writers. I knew instantly that I had to seize this opportunity and make it count. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had SOME writing experience before (won 2nd place in a state wide short story competition in 7th grade, humble brag), but this was going to be new to me. Luckily, I got taken on a sort-of tryout basis to prove I was worth a damn. Now I’m damn proud to say, “Look Ma, I made the made the final roster!”


If you’re wondering how you might be familiar with me, I wrote the posts titled “The Murph Effect” and “Not So Early Playoff Predictions” found on Kurb’s page. Now you probably recognize me as that bias bum who has a hard on for the Chicago Cubs. If you do think this, I have two things to say to you. One, you’re not completely wrong. I am a bum on Sundays as I do really nothing but watch sports all day. Two, eat a bag of dicks cause we all have some kind of a bias when it comes to sports. That being said, I do try and keep things impartial and give credit where it’s due. Don’t hate me cause I like where my team is at and feel good about their chances. But, if you still hate me and want to tell me to eat my own bag of dicks, please do. There is nothing I love more than a good ole sports debate.


Now that we got that out of the way, get ready for the ride cause the Brand has a new stud team getting ready to give you the best take on all things Chicago sports, but don’t worry, we might just cover a bit of your city too.

Follow me on Twitter @eadiaz57 for daily updates, or to tell me to eat a bag of dicks. If that doesn’t work, then follow me on Instagram @edgar.a.diaz.57.


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