I Am Calling False Flag On The Aaron Rodgers Injury

Aaron Rodgers is the most talented QB probably in the history of the NFL.  I don’t think we have ever seen a guy like him, a guy as talented as him or a guy as smooth as him.  Before Pats fans get butt-hurt and send gifs of Brady with five rings and talk about his accomplishments, I get it.  Brady is the most accomplished QB ever.  There is nobody who has won more or done more.  That is a fact and nobody can ever take that away.  (Until Carson Wentz wins 9 Superbowls and he’ll take it away.)  As much as I love Rodgers and I think all of that about him, that he is the most talented ever.  I am calling false flag on his injury!!

I don’t think Rodgers was ever injured.  This was Paul Pierce 2.0 to the extreme in ways I have never seen before.  He was taken off on a cart with tears in his eyes.  But if you look closely he was smiling a bit like, hey I got these guys this is gonna be great!  Another reason I don’t 100% believe he was injured is his extensive acting career.  Aaron has been in hundreds of State Farm commercials and has acted beautifully like a damn saint, and let’s not forget his ex girlfriend is movie star Olivia Munn.

Yes that same Olivia Munn.

Olivia Munn

Oh that lucky duck Chris whoever he is.  She is an all time actor, one of the greats some say the Tom Hanks of women.  You think she didn’t teach Aaron a thing or two during the hot and steamy relationship they were in.  I say she did, and so do you.  Aaron took that acting skill on to the field away from State Farm commercials and put on the performance of a lifetime.

He practiced that limp for weeks, maybe months, he practiced how he would go down and act hurt all for a show, a ruse, an act in 3 parts.  First it was go down big, then it was get hurt, then come back and save the day.  Just how he wanted it, just how he drew it up.  Aaron I see what you did and I see through you, the rest of the country may suck your dick over it, but I wont.  Congrats you got away with it this time.  Remember I am always watching.

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