This List Of The 100 Best Shows Right Now Has Me Very Upset

Flipping through the old internet this morning and I found TV Guide’s rankings of the 100 best shows that are currently active. First off, how is TV Guide still a thing? I might be dating myself but I remember when TV guides were an actual paperback book you could buy at like the grocery store. Gave you everything that was going to be on TV for like a month.

Then it went to the TV Guide channel. Just a scrolling channel with everything you needed. Only problem was if you needed to know what was coming up on channel 32, without a shadow of a doubt it would be on channel 33. Now you have to wait until it gets allllllllll the way back around.

Bottom line is TV guide is completely unless at this point. And judging by this list, their editors are completely useless as well. I’m going to skip around a little bit to the ones that are the most outrageous.

Let’s start from the top, number 1. The Good Place. What the fuck is this? The good place? The best show in TV right now? The show about an afterlife filled with FroYo. The writer said The Good Place has plot twist that rival Lost. People still don’t understand Lost, no way this cookie cutter feel good show is even close. Can’t pick a worse too show.

Number 2 they have Atlanta and I actually strongly agree. Donald Glover is the most talented human in the planet and Atlanta is fantastic. FX continues to just put out awesome show after awesome show.

Number 6, Game Of Thrones. Get this shit out of my face. Number 6??? It’s the best show on TV right now, not even close. They think One Day At A Time is better than GoT. Never even heard of that bullshit. Imagine think 5 shows are better than GoT. Have you seen Battle Of The Bastards? It was a damn masterpiece.

Number 15, Black Mirror. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again my only knock on Black Mirror is that there aren’t more. It’s amazing. Every episode is so well thought out and they are highly rewatchable. So to have BM behind Dear White People is offensive. The same editor, Lindsay MacDonald wrote about GoT and Black Mirror so I feel like Lindsay has great tase and trapped at TV Guide with a bunch of dweebs.

Maybe the most offensive of all there rankings. Number 40, Always Sunny. Fuck you TV Guide. 39 shows are better than Sunny is bananas. Maybe a top 5 comedy of all time that has only gotten better over time and it’s 40??!!? I’m now convinced the requirements to work at TVG is to just own a TV. Don’t even need to turn it on, just have one at your house or judging by this list studio apartment.

The rest of the list continues as more garbage shows that I won’t bore you with. Check out the entire list HERE. The only other interesting thing about the list is it didn’t include The Walking Dead. I don’t think there are 100 shows better than TWD but the show definitely stinks out loud now. Not having it on the top 100 list is a little disrespectful though. It was must see tv like 3 seasons ago. Roughly the same time I stopped watching the show.

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