My Job is on the Line and I Can’t Help But Blame the Red Sox Bullpen

Monday has hit me like a ton of bricks like few Monday’s do. Believe it or not, it actually started better than most. The Patriots started the season 1-0 and I’m still riding that high from the Red Sox walk-off.

Then all of the sudden I was mid-bite of my breakfast and I see a blog with my head on the chopping block by CEO Joe himself. Not a great spot to be in. I opened it to find out I committed a deadly sin in the blogging world and that’s missing Camille Kostek shaking her ass in her beau’s jersey.

First off, this is the greatest couple on earth. Celebrity break ups don’t ever affect me, but this one would break me. I wouldn’t be able to live in a world that Gronk and Camille don’t have sexy, savage children.

But unfortunately because of my blunder I am not here to talk about the perfection that is Gronk and Camille. My official statement is I’m in this position because of the Red Sox bullpen.

Sunday night the Red Sox bullpen did what they do best and gave up a lead late. It’s nice to have exciting games in September, but maybe not every night. I’d like for our lineup to blow someone out without the bullpen blowing it one time.

Luckily this Red Sox team is the greatest ever assembled and they still pulled out the walk-off.

In the midst of the terror that is the Red Sox bullpen I missed Camille being a goddess and for that I formally apologize. But the only people that should be fired is the Red Sox bullpen. They’re the true villains in this whole debacle.

Feature Image via Boston Herald

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