Mack and Cheese: My Thoughts After the Bears Loss to the Packers

I was going to do a game recap of last night’s game between the Bears and Packers on Sunday night. But, after a blown 20 point lead and an all-too-familiar “how the fuck?” comeback from Aaron Rodgers, I figured I’d leave the recap to the pros and let you know about a few thoughts I had from last night’s game.

Let it be known, I’m hurtin’ just as much as any Bears fan out there, but there was some good shit that happened last night…just hear me out.

The Offense is Still Learning and has Potential

The offense already looked like a legit unit in the first half. While Mitchell Trubisky and Company only put up 10 points, they had great rhythm, #10 was spreading the ball around to his new weapons, there were big plays and the 1-2 punch of Jordan Howard and Tarik Cohen was looking excellent. And then…shit hit the fan. No rhythm, no big plays – nothing. However, I think the first half is a good indicator of what this offense can do. Sure, they fell flat. But, it was on the biggest stage in prime time in tough conditions with a new team and coaching staff – things need to gel. Look for Nagy to adjust his offensive looks next Monday against the Seahawks.

The Defense Could be Really Good

The Bears defense showed flashes of a Top 3 defense in the first half last night. Between the pressure generated by the defensive line, the run-stuffing that took place and the turnovers – this was looking like a defense from ’85 or ’06. But, Aaron Rodgers did what Aaron Rodgers does and they had trouble keeping up. Nevertheless, once Roquan Smith is a regular and Khalil Mack gets in top shape…this defense will be scary AF.

Khalil Mack is Worth the Money

If that was Khalil Mack on a week’s worth of practice with no training camp…this league is fucked. Mack obliterated the Packers in the first half and was DeShone Kizer’s worst nightmare, posting an interception return for a TD, 1 sack, 1 tackle-for-loss, 1 forced fumble and 1 fumble recovery. This dude is unreal. Although his conditioning caught up to him in the second half, Mack has taken a step to potentially winning NFL Defensive Player of the Year.

Eddie Goldman was Earning that New Contract

The big man in the middle signed a 4-year contract extension worth $42 million with $25 million guaranteed. Yes, the Bears ‘D’ gave up a couple big plays last night, but Goldman was stuffing up the middle with 3 tackles and the Packers only gained 69 yards on 18 rush attempts.

Jordan Howard is Still Doing Jordan Howard Things

As I say to everyone, I think Jordan Howard is one of the most underrated and underappreciated backs in the league and last night he showed why. JH ran for 82 yards on 15 carries and even caught 5 passes for 25 yards – a major weakness of his in the past two seasons. Also, I loved what I saw out of Tarik Cohen – get that man the ball!

Roquan Smith Needs to Play

I know he was late to training camp and may be nursing a bit of hamstring strain, but Roquan Smith needs to play. This dude gets a sack on his first play in the NFL (all due to the pressure of Khalil Mack, but still) and was flying all over the field on the few snaps he played in. I think Smith can help the Bears in coverage down the middle, a place where Aaron Rodgers ate the defense up last night.

The Bears are the NFC North’s Younger Sibling

Something I kept preaching to people I talked to was how much the Bears youth showed itself last night. There were plenty of displays of talent in the first half, but the veteran-savvy Packers, led by Aaron Rodgers, showed their awareness as the game went on while the Bears looked sporadic and uncomfortable at times. The same can be said on the coaching side of the game as well. If the NFC North was a family – I’d put the Vikings as the oldest, the Packers and Lions as the weird middle children and the Bears as the younger sibling – loved by many, but still much to learn.

Kyle Fuller Needs to Redeem Himself

That pick was right there…but I have a feeling Fuller is gonna come out with a bang against Seattle after missing an easy interception late in the 4th quarter.

Fucking Aaron Rodgers

Not much to say, other than “how the hell does this guy do what he does?” I hate when this guy is on the field, but as Wes Mantooth said in Anchorman “Deep down in my stomach, within every inch of me, I pure straight hate you…but goddamn it, do I respect you.”

Vaughn Meme.jpg

This is a Better Bears Team

Call me crazy, but even after their second half implosion, this Bears team is better than last year’s squad. There were way to many positives from the first half that can’t be discounted because of this loss – Mitchell Trubisky’s play, the offense’s rhythm, the defense’s dominance and of course, The Mack. If anything, we are going to get an early glimpse at how the Bears rebound after a tough loss – and I think Seattle on Monday Night Football is the best place to show how.

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