Cowboys offense sets Football back 5 Decades..

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Dez Bryant is gone… And live tweeting the Cowboys game.

Jason Witten is retired and about to make his MNF debut tomorrow night.

Dan Bailey was cut, and the new guy (I don’t even know his name) missed his first attempt. Because, of course he did.


We weren’t supposed to worry about them being gone. The team wasn’t going to miss a beat without those playmakers. We can depend on…

Allen Hurns, Terrance Williams, Cole Beasley and a promising (but rookie) Gallup.

Along with running two tight end sets, with tight ends no one knows and oh, who can’t block.

We were also promised that Scott Linehan went into lab this offseason and became “creative” especially with Tavon Austin. I guess that was an April Fools joke.

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Add in a full season of Zeke and Dak, with Zeke having the best offseason of his career… Everything was going to be sunshine, rainbows and touchdowns.

Yeah, about that…

Yesterday the offense looked like an offense playing football before the forward pass was created. Their offensive line was being dominated all game long. Rookie Connor Williams battled but at times couldn’t handle the size and power of the Panthers D Line. Collins seemed like he had a penalty on every drive.

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So, instead of “getting creative” Garrett and Linehan kept trying to pound the rock. Loss of 1, no gain, gain of 2, loss of 4, no gain… Where was the creativity? Where were the RPO’s? The one time they ran a RPO pitch to Zeke, they scored, hmm..

Then there were the wideouts. No one could get down field. No receiver could create separation, none of them struck fear into the Carolina Defense one time all game.

Cole Beasley lead the team with 7 catches for 73 yards. Then, Thompson had 3 for 27 yards, Swaim had 3 for 18, and Zeke had 3 for 17. The “vet” on the team Terrance Williams had ONE catch for 6 yards, the rookie had ONE catch for 8 yards and prized Free Agent Allen Hurns had a big game with one single catch for 20 yards.

Those numbers don’t exactly say… 2018 NFL Offense, more like 1918 Football Offense.

Then there was Dak. Yes, he was under pressure a ton all game. Yes, he is throwing to that stellar receiving Corp. And, he also is having his plays called by Linehan and Garrett.


You are QB1 of the Dallas Cowboys. You are in a critical year in your career to see which way the franchise’s future at the position will go. You need to step up, you need to make plays. You can not lose track of the play clock down 8 on a drive to tie the game, and you can’t fumble to lose the game.

Dak was over throwing and under throwing wideouts all game. He was simply, not good. He was 19 for 29 for 170 yards. 0 TD’s, 0 INT’s. Only having a 5.9 yard average per completion with a 81.1 QBR and taken down on 6 sacks.

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I’m sorry, that is just not good enough. Not by the coaches, not by the line, not by the All-Pro RB, the new corp of WR’s and definitely not by QB1.

The defense played very well, and may be the only chance the team has all season. But, with this kind of lifeless, outdated offense it could be a very long season for Cowboys Nation. Especially with the SB Champs already sitting at 1-0, not playing well but finding a way to win.

I am not ready to jump ship yet. And, I will always support my team. But, if we see more of the same next week against the Giants (who also looked bad) then I think the Cowboys could easily be looking at an under .500 season and picking in the top 10 of the draft.

-Kevin “That Guy”

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