It Wasn’t Pretty But Here’s The Best Of Last Night’s Game

18-12 is not ideal but going 1-0 is, so we’ll take it. Foles was….enough but no way you spin it was he good. 6-1 since he took over for Wentz, he always seems to find a way to get it done. I will tip my cap to him, beating the Falcons without your top wide receiver is no small feat. So kudos to you Nick.

There is no other way to put it, the Eagles defense is going to be nasty this season. A goal line stand to start the game and another one to finish it. That is what championship teams do.

Is that good?? Also can we talk about that game winning stop for a moment?

Amazing that Atlanta learned zero from the last time they played here. Throw the same jump ball in the same end zone to the same receiver in the same crunch time. Not gonna work fam.

You think you can just run the same plays from last year and they are going to work? That never happens……unless we’re talking about one play.

I will say there is nothing that the national media can’t ruin, Philly Special included. If you were playing the Philly Special drinking game at home last night, you probably passed out before halftime or took home a fat Chick if you were watching from a bar. They shoved it down the viewers throats all night.

Also I have to address this.

This is the ugliest and most embarrassing statue I have ever laid eyes on.

1. It’s clearly just being “given” to Philadelphia for Bud Light advertising. I love a good BL Smooth but this is just a sad way to do it. Take this statue and throw it in the Pit Of Misery with the Dilly Dilly guy.

2. This isn’t even the winning play? Building a statue for the Philly Special would be like if the Phillies made a statue of Matt Stairs homer. Amazing Philly sports moment that will live forever, but not statue worthy. Just embarrassing what we love in this city some times.

Player if he Game last night was Jay Ajayi. Two TDs and I expect a ton more this year. Until Carson is back keep feeding that British son of a bitch.

Rasul Douglas made two huge plays last night. One that nearly cost Philly the game and the other may have won it. No clue what he is doing or thinking here.

Get the fuck away from the ball you idiot. Why are you even in that pile? If Atlanta would have come down and scored on that turnover today would have been a tough one for Rasul. But they didn’t because of this play

That is the football version of a glow up. All is forgiven, just never fucking do that again on special teams for the love of god.

I’ll take an ugly win 100 out of 100 times. The defense showed us that they are going to be a force week in and week out. Next week, with 10 days to plan for Ryan Fitzpatrick, they should feast. I haven’t seen a line on the game yet but if I had to guess I’d say -6.5 and I’d take Philly to cover that as well. Should be a bloodbath.

Can’t wait for a relaxing Sunday knowing the Birds are already 1-0. Just focus all my energy on hating the Cowboys, Redskins and Giants. Fun fact no one has repeated as NFC East champs in 14 years since the Eagles last did in ’04. That trend ends this year. Suck it Dallas.


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September 8, 2018 12:01 pm

[…] It wasn’t pretty but here’s the Best of last night […]