Elon Musk Shockingly Doesn’t Know How to Smoke Weed

What a world we live in. I wake up on a casual Friday expecting to spend my whole day engorging myself with football analysis and content and all of the sudden Elon Musk is getting high with Joe Rogan.


Joe Rogan is well known for being a stoner despite being the anti-stoner in every way possible. His ability to workout, do comedy, be on TV and be the world’s best podcaster all while still being one of the “weed guys” in LA is great for the Mary Jane brand.

His guest this week was Tesla founder and the Mars man himself, Elon Musk. I haven’t heard the whole interview, but I assume they were talking about some way to colonize Pluto by 2025 and then Joe Rogan whips out a beast of a blunt.

Keep in mind, Musk is the man that continues to claim we’ll just hop over to Mars and just make a new world like it’s no skin off anyone’s back. Just land and then go to the Mars Chili’s for a quick bite to eat before designing the new space Tesla sedan.

So you would think Musk is high pretty often based on his entrepreneurial ideas. Apparently not.

elon musk.jpg

Image via ABC7 Eyewitness News

Musk looks like he’s trying to push out a shit while blowing a whistle for some reason. You can tell at this very moment he thought he looked like Snoop Dogg in the studio on blunt number 82 of the day.

A self aware man would’ve said “no thanks, I look like I’ve been blowing up balloons for two hours whenever I smoke”, but not Elon. He’s never not trying to go as high as a possible.


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