The Patriots Play Football that Counts this Weekend. LET’S GO!

It’s here! It’s finally here! The messiah himself will begin season number 18 as the Patriots starter and he’s looking to take the gang back to the Super Bowl so Brady can finally move onto his second hand for his ring fitting.

It’s hard not to sound redundant when talking about the Patriot’s expectations, but they haven’t changed. This roster is once again champions or bust and, if training camp is any indication, this Pats team has the mojo to win it all.

Fun drills and boujee suits hasn’t changed Bill’s mentality though.

I’ve been saying it for weeks now, but it truly is all smiles in New England nowadays. It’s like when old folks hit the retirement home and turn it into a frat house to live out their childhood one last time. We all know Brady and Bill won’t be here forever, and so do they, so this year they seem to figure ‘Let’s ball while we still can’.

I love that type of team mentality. When the Patriots play all out and look to let it rip week in and week out it will be hard to lose less than 12 games.

This week, they’re on to Houston and as excited as I am for this team and the season at large, it is by no means an easy matchup week one.

Last season’s bout with a healthy Texans team was far from a cake walk. Watson is no doubt a beast and I’ve  long said that Hopkins is the most talented wide receiver in the NFL.

That alongside a defensive front seven that would put fear into the soul of the devil himself. And they’re facing off against an offensive line that is playing with two new faces at tackle while depth on the line remains on the injury list.

Even more so, Edelman won’t be there for Brady to dump to in his times of need.

That won’t change a thing though. The Patriots are the Patriots and the Texans are the Texans. The Patriots don’t lose to the Texans, it’s not in our blood.

On Sunday they will prove again that the league will not beat the Patriots. They won’t force them out or wiggle from their tight grasp. Bill and Brady are calling the shots and they will decide when the rest of the league is done suffering.

And they’ve already decided 2018 is not the year they let up and it all starts Sunday.

See you in Atlanta, bitch.

Feature Image via Tom Brady’s Facebook

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