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The Best of Photoshopped Nike Ads

This week has been a wild one on the Internet starting with Nike’s release of their Colin Kaepernick ad.

The ad obviously ignited a wildfire across Twitter with a wild amount of racists coming out of the woodwork. But they don’t deserve the time of day.

There was also plenty of support for Kaepernick across Twitter. Although great to see, this blog isn’t about them either.

This is for the real GOATs of Twitter who rose above them all with a week full of all-time memes photoshopping the now notorious Nike ad.

Here’s the cream of the crop from an all time Twitter week.

Don’t be an idiot.

Kobe has never seen a shot he can’t take.

PC police, this next one isn’t for you.


Everyone has a plan ’till they get punched in the mouth…or become a meme.


Kmess, this will hurt, but it’s true.


Wednesday’s return of the Always Sunny didn’t have Artemis, but no one is a quote machine quite like her.


We still don’t know what the fuck Oakland is thinking.

Tonya Harding is guilty…of being one of my favorite photoshops of the week.

Smokin’ Jay in a Nike ad meme are my two favorite Twitter things coming together for gold.


What a week for the Internet. One that will never be forgotten.




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