My 7 month nightmare culminates tonight..

Every single day since February 4, 2018 has been a nightmare for me. Now, I’m not saying every day of my life during this period has sucked… I mean I went to Italy and saw the Irish beat Michigan live.


I have thought about “it” every single day. Somehow, someway… “it” has popped into my head.

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These seven months have been a cross between Nightmare on Elm Street and Groundhog Day. I am haunted by Freddy Krueger Foles everyday.

As you all know I bleed silver and blue. I live in the heart of Eagles Country, I’m married to an Eagles fan and am 87.6% of my friends are also fans of those birds.


I never root for a player to get hurt, ever. But, when Wentz went down… Like everyone I thought that was it was over. I thought there was no way they got by “Matty Ice” and the Dirty Birds.

I was wrong. And, of course I was surrounded by Eagles fans to discover… I was wrong.

My happy “no rings” dreams started to fade a bit.

Then, I was walking around all week before the NFC Championship doing the:


I had zero faith in Case Kenum performing in the Linc, but I said no chance Foles moves ball on that Vikings D!! They are too fast.. Too physical.. Too..

Aaaand I was wrong again. And, again surrounded by screaming Birds fans.

That “no rings” dream was slowly turning into a bad dream.

To add insult to injury on top of the Eagles just “being in the Super Bowl” I had to go to my wife’s cousin’s “Eagles Wedding” the day of the SB… With everyone (but me) wearing Eagles Gear…

But, it’s ok… Tom Brady is here to save the day. Tommy will take care of business and make sure my dream stays alive.

Right? (I have to be right this time.)

Biggest wrong of them all. I did not watch the game with my wife or her family. I did not watch the game with the billion Eagles fan friends I have (yeah I’m popular.) But, it didn’t matter.

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My wife has reminded me everyday that..

The Eagles won the Super Bowl. The Eagle are Super Bowl Champs. The Eagles are the best team in best team in football.

There. Done.

Image – Twitter Eagles

Tonight the Eagles open the NFL season in Philly. Tonight they raise their SB Banner. Then they will lose to Atlanta… And my nightmare will slowly (hopefully) begin to end.

There is no better time than football season. And, there is nothing better to help get this shitty bird flavored cheesesteak taste out of my mouth, and get Freddy Krueger Foles out of my head!!

Enjoy your ceremony tonight Philly. Then I will enjoy the Falcons win and the road to the Eagles going 0-16!


-Kevin “That Guy”

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