Last Night’s Always Sunny Episode Was A Rollercoaster Of Emotion

So last night was the highly anticipated 13th season premiere of Always Sunny In Philadelphia. It never wins the awards but it is hands down one of the best shows on television. The anticipation for last night was heightened due to the fact no one had any idea if Dennis was going to returning to the show after last season’s finale.

Now everyone knew going into this season that Mindy Kaling was added to the cast. I like most people thought she was brought on to replace Dennis’ character as Glenn focuses on AP Bio and other projects. But when I saw this tweet earlier in the night my Sunny senses started to tingle.

Seems like she was trying to hard and I wasn’t buying it but as the episode went on I started to believe it. Just like myself, many people were believing it and no one seemed too pleased.

As the episode was ending I had pretty much completely come to terms with the fact that Mindy was the new Dennie and I might not like this season at all. Not that I don’t think Mindy is funny, I don’t, but mostly because Dennis’ character has evolved so far that he’s the focal point of the group at this point. So when there was only about a minute and half left in the premiere I thought, welp that’s it and then out of the clouds:

They SLOW PLAYED US!! They basically hired Mindy for one episode and sold her for a year as nothing more than a distraction. Wow. That is fantastic work by the gang. The people were pleased.

It was an all time move by the writers. I can’t wait for he rest of the season as the gang works through the MetToo movement, Trump and everything else. Sunny can survive without a main character but tonight showed us we probably won’t accept anything less than the entire cast.

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