Gameday: Eagles Vs Falcons Prediction Quarter By Quarter

Today is the day.  It’s here, it is Christmas day and the entire world will be glued to their TV’s as the defending Superbowl champion Philadelphia Eagles take on the Atlanta Falcons.  A match up that could be a potential NFC title game preview minus Carson Wentz.  I personally am nervous, I am scared and worried and I want to come out strong with a win.  I’m going to give you a break down quarter by quarter of exactly how the game is gonna go.  Here we go, week 1 Falcons @ Eagles


– The Eagles are going to kick it off to the Falcons to send a message with a quick three and out.  They want the Falcons to know they wont be able to move the ball all game.  What is going to happen on the first drive is the Falcons are going to run the ball twice for 4 yards.  On 3rd and 6 the Falcons are going to come out in shotgun and Matt Ryan is going to throw the ball right at Ronald Darby who is going to take it in for 6.

7-0 Eagles with 13:22 to go in the first.

After a kickoff back to the Falcons the Falcons get 2 first downs and eventually have to punt.  They punt the ball to the Eagles for a decent return.  Jay Ajayi will take the first offensive play from scrimmage 66 yards to the house.

14-0 Eagles 9:42 to go in the first.

The Eagles again kick it off the Falcons who then take a knee in the end zone for a touchback and quickly go three and out.  The Eagles get the ball back on a punt and get 3 first downs and kick a 40 yard field goal.

17-0 Eagles 4:09 left in the first.

The Falcons start from the 25 after the kickoff drive down the field to the Eagles 30 where the Falcons will kick a 45 yard field goal and miss wide right.  On the very next play Nelson Agholor takes a quick slant all the way for 6 to end the first quarter

First quarter ends 24-0 Eagles


The Eagles kick it off to the Falcons who have a decent return all the way to the 40, however the snap on the very next play is fumbled and Jordan Hicks recovers.  The Eagles then run the ball on every single play, 5 yards at a time and take the ball down to the 5 where Nick Foles throws a TD pass to Dallas Goedert for his first career TD catch.

31-0 Eagles 9:52 left in the first.

After another touchback the Falcons and Eagles exchange a few punts bringing us into the final 3 minutes of the half. The Eagles get the punt on their own 22 and return it to their own 40.  Nick Foles hands the ball off 7 consecutive times driving the ball down to the Falcons 9 where he can not complete a pass to punch it in, with no time left on the clock Elliot hit’s a field goal.

The half ends 34-0 Eagles


The third begins with the Eagles returning the kickoff all the way for 6 and putting all hopes of a comeback away.

41-0 Eagles 14:46 left in the third.

The Falcons take a knee on the next kickoff and drive the ball down to the Eagles 10.  Flashbacks of the playoffs ring in Matt Ryan’s head and he chokes as Sidney Jones picks Matt Ryan off and the Eagles start their next drive on their own 17.  The Eagles drive to the Falcons 40 where Jake Elliot his a 55 yard bomb.

44-0 Eagles 6:32 left in the third.

The Falcons and Eagles then exchange a few punts with the third quarter coming to an end as the Falcons have it on their own 30.

Third quarter ends 44-0 Eagles.


The Falcons make a decent drive to midfield where they are stopped on 4 consecutive plays and turn it over on down.  The Eagles then drive down the field to the Falcons 15 when Nick Foles trying to throw into the end zone is picked off and the Falcons start from their own 1.  Matt Ryan in shotgun takes the snap and as quick as the ball arrives Jordan Hicks arrives on a blitz for a safety.

46-0 Eagles 8:29 left in the fourth.

The Eagles take the punt after the safety and start from their own 30.  With no desire to run up the score they run the ball but can still not be stopped. 5 yards and 6 yard gains drive the Eagles all the way down to the 5 where Corey Clement takes it into the end zone and Jake Elliot misses his quota of one extra point per game

52-0 Eagles 2:09 left in the fourth.

The Falcons take the opening kickoff trying to get something on the board but are picked off by Malcolm Jenkins to end the game with under a minute to go.  The Eagles take a few knees and the clock runs out


PS- Anyone think its weird that the score is 52 for the Eagles like Superbowl 52 and the Falcons have zero, like zero Superbowls? I dunno weird I guess.

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