Brandon Phillips Pimps the Red Sox into the Best Comeback in the MLB this Season

This Red Sox team is unlike anything Boston has ever had step foot on to Fenway’s field. I’ve run out of adjectives to describe the absurdity of how good this Sox lineup is.

So I busted out the ole’ thesaurus to not leave you guys hanging. This Red Sox lineup is amazing, astonishing, awe-inspiring, astounding. That’s enough, no need to move on to synonyms that start with “b”, you get the point.

They can’t be stopped. The biggest hurdle the Red Sox have every day is never the opposing team. It’s the lineup vs. the bullpen and Betts, Martinez and co. will be damned if they’re letting Drew Poopypants get the best of them. They’re too great for that below-average BP pitcher take them down.

Some days it’s more difficult than others to overcome the sever shit that is the bullpen and Wednesday afternoon was one of the more extreme examples of that.


It literally took approximately 12 minutes for Drewpy Diaper to set the Sox up for the most incredible comeback of 2018.

The comeback was incredible, but better than anything was Brandon Phillips confirmed what I’ve said since he was signed by the Sox way back in June. BP is far from done being a productive player in the MLB.

And from the first Sox run of the game…

To the last, which we’ll get to in a second, Phillips showed he should have been up with the team since Devers first headed to the DL. Listen here, I love Brock Holt, but that’s despite his .258 average. And get out of my face with Nunez love. He’s had a great few weeks, but I will never enjoy watching him. He’s just so hate-able.

Phillips is better than both of them. He batted .285 in 144 games between Atlanta and the Angels last season and has hit for a real healthy .304 in the minors this season with a .474 slugging percentage. He’s been a savage.

Wednesday, he went full pimp mode to complete the Red Sox miraculous comeback.


Obviously the bullpen scares me, but with a record of 97-44, I think this lineup may be able to win a World Series with little leaguers pitching half the game for them. It doesn’t really matter they’re just that unbelievable.

Feature Image via NBCSports

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