Turnover Pieces of Flair Need to Stop

It’s all the rage this year, Turnover pieces of flair. You know what I think of it…


I don’t like it, but I get it. College kids are motivated by these pieces of flair. They want to earn and rock them on the sideline like Flava Flav. It causes a big celebration with their teammates, swings momentum in their favor (hopefully), and adds another FU in the opponents face. Flair let’s the players have fun and I really can’t take that away from them. I’m a product of “Black Shoes, Basic Blues, No Names”. I guess it’s time for me to stop being an old-head, and start being a millennial. I should probably get with the times. Side Note: I won’t.

Miami started all this BS with the turnover chain in 2017.


Sun Sentinel

Of Course, Clemson took a shit on the Miami, and the Turnover Chain.

Don’t ‘U’ worry, Miami decided to bring back the Turnover Chain for 2018. They got off to a great start by causing ZERO turnovers against LSU, so the chain stayed in the case. That’s ok, LSU had their own turnover flair.

Well, it didn’t take long for other programs to be visited by the “good idea fairy”.

But it’s not just chains. Boise State started using a throne that looks like a piece of furniture you’d find at your grandparents house that you’re not allowed to sit on.

Louisville is tipping their hat to Ali by introducing “touchdown gloves” and “turnover belt”.

Turnover Flair is nothing new really. Tennessee has the trash can.


(That’s a travel)

Bama’s got the Belt


Roll Bama Roll

Va Tech’s Lunch Pail

Va Tech.jpg

Call me old school, helmet stickers are the way to go. Having all your turnovers, sacks, TDs…etc, stuck to your helmet all season shows you’re a big time play maker.

Flordia State helmet






Now if you’ll excuse me, my bitches need me.


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