Today At 3pm EST I Blogged The Eagles Would Be 12-4, I lied.. 19-0 Book It

The Eagles just posted this video and boy oh boy did Daddy Ru just go from 6 to Midnight like it aint nobodies business.

“Hold up wait a minute, ya’ll thought we was finished, victory is our’s forever ya’ll thought that was rented?”

That made me splooge.  I got my girl pregnant and she’s already 8 months pregnant.  What a video what a montage!  Lets go man!!! Lets get this started! We are going 19-0 beating every single team by a million!!! I can not wait! That video got me so hyped and so ready.  Fuck the Cowboys, Fuck the book tours, Fuck the doctors!  Let’s go win again! Let’s do it again!  As they said in the video, slap a bigger bullseye on our back and we’ll run faster!  Throw it all at us, this is only the beginning! We all we got, we all we need!!  i need some Rocky music now..

Ok now, now I need Brian Dawkins telling me some stuff I need ot hear..

Yes, that is what I’m talking about I am ready to run through a brickwall for the Eagles!  Lets. Fucking. Go.

Let’s rock.. Hey Birds, theres one thing I want you to do for me..


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